Federation league (beta version) has restarted

22-08-2023 10:00

We have now restarted the beta version of the league. New federations have been added to the mix and the division groups have been shuffled. Head over to the federation league to see your new opponents.

In order to create a more competitive environment during the beta season, we have used a seed order for the groups. We created a top list based on the total points accumulated during the first mini beta season, and distributed federations from highest score (Beta Division 1) to lowest.

Note: Even though the division groups consist of new federations, the beta season will appear to have reached round 15. This is expected and nothing to worry about.

To quickly recap last weeks' news, these are the other changes:

  • Key members can now only use their extra challenge to override an existing result, and only if the opponent has already been challenged twice in the regular way (non-key member challenges), without achieving a victory.
  • We have removed goal difference as tie-breaker for the league. So, the same amount of points at the end of a clash will always be a draw, regardless of goal difference.
  • If a challenge results in a victory, that opponent cannot be challenged again (since a better result cannot be achieved as goal difference no longer counts).
  • In addition, we refilled everyone's Clash Scout Credits. Everyone should now have 10 credits.

If you are unsure what all this is about, you can get up to speed here and here.