Mid Season Tour awards added

24-08-2023 10:00

If you completed at least one of the missions for the Mid Season Tour the following has been added to your account:

3 additional Training Camp places. You will keep this benefit until the the Mid Season Tour awards are added during next season. If you completed last season's Mid Season Tour, this simply means you will keep your benefits for one more season.
€600,000 in team money.
Milestone badge. If you already own the badge, it has been upgraded to the next tier. Admire your new milestone badge here.

Next up: The Federation Tour

If you cannot wait until the next tour, you will not have to for long. The Federation Tour will start this Monday, with another edition of the popular League of Federations!

Will the current champions defend their first places or will we see new winners this season? The battle begins on Day 56!