Federation League Beta season restarts August 22

15-08-2023 17:00

At the start of the current season, we gave you a first taste of the brand new federation features: a beta version of first teams, clashes, and the federation league. If you missed it, you can get updated by reading this news post. It has been intriguing to follow along in the action and your comments during these first five weeks.

In order to give as many as possible the chance to test the new features, we will restart the Beta Divisions on Tuesday, August 22. One week from today. At this point, every federation who has at least 8 first team members, will be added into the league. This will also include federations who are not currently participating.

A couple of changes will be made
Key members will now only be able use their extra challenge to override an existing result, and only if the opponent has already been challenged twice in the regular way (non-key member challenges), without achieving a victory.

We will also remove goal difference as tie-breaker for the league. So, the same amount of points at the end of a clash will always be a draw, regardless of goal difference.

If a challenge results in a victory, that opponent cannot be challenged again, (since a better result cannot be achieved as goal difference no longer counts).

In addition, we will also refill everyone's Clash Scout Credits. Everyone will start with 10 when the new Beta "mini season" begins.

Read more or stay in touch
There are more changes on the horizon. We will keep you posted in the news and may also drop a few hints in this forum thread. You can also use that thread for any questions or suggestions, if you want to get in touch with us. If you want to read more about clashes, you can do so here.