World Tour awards added

04-08-2023 10:00

If you completed all the missions for the World Tour the following has been added to your account:

2 additional work permits. You will keep this benefit until the World Tour awards are added during next season. If you completed last season's World Tour, this simply means you will keep your benefits for one more season.
5 additional training camp exchanges.
Milestone badge. If you already own the badge, it has been upgraded to the next tier.

If you joined any of the World Tour cups, you have received additional training camp places.

If you joined 1 cup, you have received 1 training camp place.
If you joined 2 cups, you have received 3 training camp places.

These bonus places will be kept until next season's World Tour cup awards are added, which means that you need to join the same amount of cups next season to keep the places after that.

Note: you have received the extra training camp places regardless of whether you completed the World Tour or not.


The Mid Season Tour will start on Wednesday for a chance to secure €600,000 in team money and additional training camp places.