Predict MZ World Cup 2023 and win prizes!

16-05-2023 13:00

The popular Match Predictor widget is back! This time we will focus on the upcoming World Cup 2023 on ManagerZone that begins on May 23. Starting today, you can predict the outcome of matches during the coming weeks and win in-game-prizes, such as team money, Power Tokens and more. The top predictors will also earn themselves Club Membership so make sure to join the competition from the beginning.

The Match Predictor widget is found on the clubhouse page where new matches will be added along the way. Points collected will help you climb to new levels and for each level reached you will unlock a new reward for your team.

To further spice up the prestige, we will hand out Club Membership to the 10 predictors with most points after the event has ended!

Prizes for Top 10
1 Club Membership 4 Weeks
2 Club Membership 3 Weeks
3 Club Membership 2 Weeks
4 Club Membership 2 Weeks
5 Club Membership 1 Week
6 Club Membership 1 Week
7 Club Membership 1 Week
8 Club Membership 1 Week
9 Club Membership 1 Week
10 Club Membership 1 Week

The Club Membership will be handed out to all winners on June 22.

About Club Membership

Become a Club Member Club Members receive a range of extra services and features that greatly enhance the ManagerZone experience. If you feel that ManagerZone offers a lot of fun and entertainment, we definitely recommend you become one.

Visit the Store to learn more about the benefits and to become a Club Member.

Benefits as Club Member
No ads
Full access to training graphs
Free official cups
Extended transfer tools
More tactic slots
...and much more!

Good luck with the predictions, have fun following the World Cup matches and do not forget to cheer for your favourite country all the way!