Tour of Tours - milestone badge and free cup!

03-04-2023 11:00

That is it! The season is almost over, but if you took part in all tours this season you have one special award left to collect.

The Tour of Tours milestone badge is handed out to all teams that successfully completed all the five tours this season: the Youth Tour, the World Tour, the Mid Season Tour, the Federation Tour and just recently the Season Break Tour.

Those of you who have managed to complete all Tour of Tours so far have now had your badge upgraded to the highest possible tier. 78 teams in football and 20 in hockey have accomplished this feat, which means they have joined every single tour since the tour badges were introduced in early 2017. You can view all of your milestone badges here.

Even though Tour of Tours is about the bragging rights first and foremost, we have also added all managers who completed the tour to the free Tour of Tours Cup:

The cup starts on Apr 10 2023, so make sure you set your tactics on time!