National Coach Election

23-12-2022 10:00

The National Coach election has now started! This is a great part of ManagerZone and one we really enjoy organizing. If you think you have got what it takes to lead your country as a National Coach, take the chance to stand as a candidate in the next National Coach election.

The National Coach (NC) is an important position. NC's represent your country in the many international competitions in ManagerZone and the position should be filled by managers who will strive for their country as well as their own prestige. The winning candidate will be responsible for the National Team (U21 and Senior) for two consecutive seasons, until the next election is held.

Who can stand as a candidate?

- Club Members who have played the game more than 1 month
- Supporters who have played the game more than 6 months

Who can vote?

- Managers who have played the game more than 12 months
- Supporters who have played the game more than 3 months
- All Club Members

Voting process and dates

If you decide to candidate, you will be able to create an election profile. This contains details from your profile page, team information, as well as a personal message directed at potential voters. This information is seen by all managers.

The voting process has two stages. At the end of the first phase, the three highest placed candidates will progress to the second stage, where they compete in a second round of voting.
Please note that you are not allowed to offer Power Tokens as bribe with the sole purpose to receive votes. This could lead to disqualification from the election.

Application phase
Friday December 23 (Day 81) - Sunday January 1 (Day 88)

Phase 1 voting
Monday January 2 (Day 89) - Friday January 6 (Day 4)

Cooldown period to validate votes

Phase 2 voting
Monday January 9 (Day 7) - Friday January 13 (Day 11)

Cooldown period to validate votes

New Coaches appointed
Monday January 16 (Day 14)

  • In the event of a tie, the longest serving manager will win.
  • Only managers who voted in the first round will be able to vote in the second round.
  • Votes will be presented as a percentage of the total, making it harder for individual managers to try and manipulate the result.
  • During the final 6 hours of the election, the percentages will be hidden, for the same reason.
  • As the final result is announced, the percentages for the final round will be shown.
  • Between each round and before the final result is announced, there will be a 'cooling' period to allow HMAs time to check that there are no suspicious votes cast.