Replace players in all formations at once

26-08-2022 09:00

We just released a new feature, for both sports, which lets you quickly replace a player in all tactic tabs at once. This is useful when a player in your team is injured, sent to training camp or sold, and you need to quickly replace that player with a new one. Or if you simply want to switch the positions of two players in all formations.

Given that most managers use a wide array of tactics, each for a different purpose, switching a player in all of them has been somewhat of a chore. To use the new function, head over to your tactics page. Select a player to swap out, then click/tap the Replace Everywhere button. Choose the player you want to swap in and that player will be entered in all places where the initial player was present. If both players are present in a formation (including the bench), they will simply switch positions.

In football, the swapped-in player will inherit any Rules or Set Plays instructions that the swapped-out player had. However, note that if both players are present in a formation when the switch occur, they will swap positions but will not swap Rule and Set Plays instructions.

In the hockey game, the player will be swapped in all lines of all formations, and will inherit the instructions of the swapped-out player.

This has been a highly requested feature for some time, we hope you enjoy it!