U21 World Cup 2022: First Round!

23-08-2022 18:00

The wait is finally over... the first round of U21 World Cup 2022 starts today. Reigning champions Chile, with head manager yrk07 in charge, open against Scotland, while last years silver medalists Turkey open against Portugal.

You can watch any of the opening matches by clicking one of the icons below. All matches start 20:00 CET!

Round 1: 20:00 CET

Group 1
2D U21 Scotland X - X U21 Chile
2D U21 Turkey X - X U21 Portugal

Group 2
2D U21 Romania X - X U21 Greece
2D U21 Germany X - X U21 United States

Group 3
2D U21 Poland X - X U21 Argentina
2D U21 Moldova X - X U21 Czech Republic

Group 4
2D U21 Indonesia X - X U21 France
2D U21 Colombia X - X U21 Bulgaria

Group 5
2D U21 Switzerland X - X U21 Belgium
2D U21 Peru X - X U21 Hungary

Group 6
2D U21 Sweden X - X U21 Norway
2D U21 Spain X - X U21 MZ Country

Group 7
2D U21 Brazil X - X U21 Denmark
2D U21 Australia X - X U21 Russia

Group 8
2D U21 Mexico X - X U21 Italy
2D U21 Croatia X - X U21 Estonia