Join the U23 World League inaugural cup!

06-07-2022 21:00

Last season we rolled out the brand new U21 World League and now it's time for the U23 version! Round one of the very first U23 World League edition will be played on day 63 of this season (September 5). If you have a point to prove in the U23 player bracket, this is your time to shine. An inaugural cup has been launched to decide who starts where in the division tree. By joining it you will be automatically opted in for the first U23 World League edition.

The cup represents an amazing opportunity for you to get an early head start compared to managers who join the league later. We will fill up all divisions (including the top division) based on the results of the cup.

The cup costs 15 Power Tokens to join and in addition to a seeded spot in the first U23 World League edition, you also get two additional World League passes regardless of your final position. That means you are all set for the first three U23 World League editions.

Note that one World League Pass will give you access to all World Leagues: senior, U18, U21 and U23.

To make the occasion even more special, we will give a Milestone Badge to everyone who participates in the cup. This way, future ManagerZone players will know that you were there from the very first season of the U23 World League. In other words: lifetime bragging rights!