Player maxings now visible on player cards

15-06-2022 14:00

Keeping track of maxed attributes just got a lot easier. From now on, you will be able to spot any maxed abilities by looking for the red numbers on the player card. A red 7, for instance, will signal that the player has reached his peak at 7 and cannot develop beyond what he has already achieved.

We are aware that many managers use the red flag in the note section, to keep track of maxed attributes. This is a great help when deciding on which players to train and sell, for instance. However, this method is prone to human error and may sometimes lead to unwanted actions, such as sending a player to a Training Camp for already maxed abilities. By looking for the red numbers you can be certain that a player is indeed maxed, before making decisions.

To make the red color stand out better we have removed red backdrop behind retiring players (players who retire at the end of the current season). But the warning message towards the bottom of the player card will remain.

Note that red numbers will not be shown in the Player Market.

And also please note that the red numbers will be visible for other managers if you have chosen to share the skills of a player.