Bankruptcy procedure changes: Keep your team!

04-06-2022 10:00

Up until today, managers who enter bankruptcy have lost their teams. Any trophies, records and statistics associated with the team have also been lost, as well as the players. We recognize that this is discouraging for anyone who wishes to make a comeback after having been away from the game and find their team is bankrupt, or for those who try their best to save the club but ultimately cannot avoid bankruptcy.

So for these reasons, starting right now, anyone who enter bankruptcy will be given two choices.

Option 1
You get five more weeks to turn the club around. The club is in the same state as when it went bankrupt, including all your players. If you pick option 1 and change your mind later, you can opt to reset your team while the balance is negative. So if you are unsure which option to pick, we suggest this one. Note that you can only chose option 1 if you have been bankrupt for less than one year.

Option 2:
You still keep your team, and all records, trophies, achievements and any customizations you have made. But in all other aspects, you start over. That means a new brand new squad of players, you will have to reopen the youth academy, a beginner stadium and no coaches. The club finances will be in the same state as when a new manager assumes control of a club.

These changes will take effect immediately. We hope they will encourage managers to give their careers another go even if the worst happens and they go bankrupt.