U21 World League page now added

10-05-2022 11:00

The inaugural U21 World League cups have concluded in both sports. If you took part, you now have a seeded spot in the upcoming first ever edition of the U21 World League. On June 3 we will reveal the entire division structure and you will know exactly where you start out.

Today we have added the U21 World League to the menu as well as on the World League page. Anyone who played the cup have been automatically opted in and given two additional passes to use for upcoming World League editions. If for any reason you do not want to participate in the first edition, in spite of having played the cup, you are free to opt out and you will then have three passes to use in the future.

If you did not play in the cup but still want to play in the U21 World League first edition, you can head over to the World League page and opt in. You need one pass per World League edition, and there are three World League editions per regular season. As you did not play in the cup, you will be added towards the bottom of the division tree, below the seeded players.

In the next couple of days we will also hand out a Milestone Badge to all those who took part in the cup.