U21 World League first edition is getting closer!

04-05-2022 12:00

The U21 Inaugural Cup is coming to an end in both sports: in football, the quarter finals are played later today and in hockey we are eyeing a final between juampinha and masterkike, also today. In just over a month (June 6), the very first U21 World League season will kick off and the division tree will take shape. We will remind you in due time before the seasons starts, but for those of you who plan to participate it doesn't hurt to start sharpening your U21 team already today.

These players have all reached the quarter finals and are sure to feature in the top divisions of their respective U21 World Leagues:

In fotball: dsteluta91, mustafaif, fenikss123, lessateam, facu-piraton, anibals, aik1891, lalek1104

In hockey: virre_28, gtz2008, juampinha, raidho, masterkike, tanman, jotaefe, bussy_the_best

U23 World League and price adjustment

Next season we will launch the U23 World League in the same way, first an inaugural cup and then kick-off in the latter half of that season.
Since we are adding two new leagues, we will adjust the price slightly. For Club Members, one Pass will be 10 Tokens (up from 8) and four passes 24 (up from 20). For non-members, the prices will be 14 Tokens (up from 12) and 36 Tokens (up from 30).

The price changes will take effect after the U23 World League has been launched.