Road to Christmas Event!

14-12-2021 10:00

Christmas is just around the corner! Somewhere to the north, nine reindeers are prepared for a journey that will take them to chimneys all over the world, elves are hurriedly wrapping the last few boxes and throwing them on a mountain of gifts the size of an iceberg, a jolly old man is checking if last years costume still fits, while his missus reminds him not to forget the glasses this year too.

As Swedes, living on the same latitude as southern Greenland, we take this stuff pretty seriously. We like to think that Santa has a sort of roadmap, where he starts in the south and then works is way north, closer and closer to home on the North Pole. So lets play a little simulation game! We have recreated a path across some of the last places we think he needs to visit before that big old bag is empty.

The event will take you to places like Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, Longyearbyen on Svalbard (the most northern permanent settlement in the world), Rovaniemi in Finland (which, incidentally, is the home of Santa according to the fins), Murmansk in northern Russia, and Tromsö, said to boast the northernmost football club in the world.

We will start you off easy, but as you progress to the more difficult levels, you will be up against the same Grinches, Scrooges and blizzards that we imagine Santa has to face every year. Just before you get to the safety of the North Pole, the mythical Belsnickel will stand in your way, a creature which visits homes pretending to be Santa but with far more sinister intents. And the Icelandic Yule Cat, a beast which hides among snowy dunes. Defeat all of these, as well as the Sleighriders of the Pole, and you can call yourself the champion of Christmas.


The event shop products are the same as for the last event and cost the same amount of Badges.

Team Money prizes have been lowered somewhat from previous events. This sum will be paid out after the event is over, based on the highest level team you were able to defeat:

  • Level 1: 100 000 Euro
  • Level 2: 110 000 Euro
  • Level 3: 120 000 Euro
  • Level 4: 130 000 Euro
  • Level 5: 140 000 Euro
  • Level 6: 150 000 Euro
  • Level 7: 160 000 Euro
  • Level 8: 170 000 Euro
  • Level 9: 180 000 Euro
  • Level 10: 190 000 Euro
  • Level 11: 200 000 Euro
  • Level 12: 210 000 Euro
  • Level 13: 220 000 Euro
  • Level 14: 230 000 Euro
  • Level 15: 240 000 Euro
  • Level 16: 250 000 Euro
  • Level 17: 260 000 Euro
  • Level 18: 270 000 Euro
  • Level 19: 280 000 Euro
  • Level 20: 300 000 Euro

We hope that you have fun during this event and wish you the best of luck!