ManagerZone store upgrade

18-11-2021 11:00

Thanks to a collaboration with a sister company within the Stillfront group, ManagerZone can now offer an improved store, with a higher number of local payment providers. The new platform will look similar to the old on the surface, but uses a more robust payment infrastructure, with better and faster payment support functions.

Due to the new integration, there will be some changes in pricing. In most countries the cost of Power Tokens will remain the same, but there will be local variations, a slight increase in some countries and a decrease in others. Some of the Power Token packages have also changed in size.

Please note that because of these changes, you may need to re-enter certain details when making your next purchase, such as credit card data.

The new platform has already been rolled out but with one exception: China will keep the old platform and payment options for a while longer, but will receive the update at a later time.

If you have any questions regarding payments, you can contact support (choose Payments) or email directly at