3D now available on your phone! (Beta)

05-10-2021 13:00

Until today, our 3D match viewers (in both sports) have been available to desktop users only, while the 2D option have been available across all devices. But after today's update, you can view all your football or hockey matches in 3D, even on your phone!

We have labelled this as a Beta release for now, because we want to observe the updated 3D for a while and make sure it behaves as expected for all users. If we spot problems associated with this release, we will do our best to solve them as quickly as we can. There are a few minor bug fixes and optimizations in this update as well, so please keep an eye out for any unwelcome behavior and report in the forums if you find any.

The 3D should work well on all modern phones, but if it flows poorly on your device, try setting the graphics quality to "low" and see if that helps. You can do so here.

Also, please note that the first time you start a match with your phone will take a bit longer, as your device downloads the necessary files.

Have fun!