Time Traveler event!

27-09-2021 14:00

Let us take a moment to reflect on how the world has changed since ManagerZone was launched. This was a world in which smart phones did not exist, where people communicated via email through this still somewhat new invention called the internet. A world where Wikipedia had none of the answers, since it hadn't been born yet, when computers were big and lumpy and cell phones incredibly tiny (some not much larger than a postage stamp). All of that came after the emergence of ManagerZone. Crazy? Well... still not as crazy as lolcats (which emerged in 2006 by the way).

September 26, 2001 was the date that ManagerZone saw the light of day. We would like to honour that occasion with an event that lets you stroll back through the years and remember some of the good ol' times. Do you know when YouTube was born? Or Facebook? Which year did people lie down and pretend to be a plank for no apparent reason? Or pour ice over their heads? When was ManagerZone Hockey released? Play the event to find out!

Team Money prize structure for this event

Apart from the teams, the amount of Freebie Chips available have changed. You will now be able to acquire eight Freebie Chips, compared to the normal four. The other three chips will still be available, but only four of each.

We have also made alterations to the Team Money prize structure. You will no longer earn extra Team Money for breaking into the top list. Instead you will only earn Team Money based on the highest level you were able to defeat, just like in the first event.

Other than that, no changes have been made. You can still boost the multiplier, should you wish, and you can also reset the "Claim" button to earn Tickets faster and reset the multiplier.

Team Money prize structure for this event

The following prizes will depend on the highest level team you were able to defeat, at any point during the event. The prize structure will be as follows:
  • Level 1: 500 000 Euro
  • Level 2: 550 000 Euro
  • Level 3: 600 000 Euro
  • Level 4: 650 000 Euro
  • Level 5: 700 000 Euro
  • Level 6: 750 000 Euro
  • Level 7: 800 000 Euro
  • Level 8: 850 000 Euro
  • Level 9: 900 000 Euro
  • Level 10: 950 000 Euro
  • Level 11: 1 000 000 Euro
  • Level 12: 1 050 000 Euro
  • Level 13: 1 100 000 Euro
  • Level 14: 1 150 000 Euro
  • Level 15: 1 200 000 Euro
  • Level 16: 1 250 000 Euro
  • Level 17: 1 300 000 Euro
  • Level 18: 1 350 000 Euro
  • Level 19: 1 400 000 Euro
  • Level 20: 1 500 000 Euro

We hope that you have fun during this event and wish you the best of luck!