Euro 2020 Event!

04-06-2021 10:00

It might be a year late, but what a show we have in front of us! On Friday, June 11, Italy will face Turkey in Rome and the Euros will officially be underway. Here on ManagerZone we celebrate with a Euro 2020 event of our own where you will be up against 20 of the countries that take part in the Euros, on your route to prizes and glory. The new event is similar to the one in March, but a few changes, read on below to find out. The event starts on June 8 and will run until June 24.

New teams to challenge

Only countries that are part of the official real life version of Euro 2020 will be represented in the event. However, the levels will be based on our own ManagerZone European Championship. That means Belgium is the level 20 team in football, while fresh champions Italy crowns the hockey version.

Countries that didn't place in the top 20 of the MZ European Championship will make up the bottom levels based on their rank instead. Since the event only allows for 20 teams and the Euro 2020 has 24, the four lowest ranked teams will not be part of the event.

We also want to make you aware that teams at levels 18, 19 and 20 will be tougher to beat this time around, to make the event more challenging for our top managers.

New feature: Boost the Multiplier

In order to jolt you into action from the start, you will be able to activate a free 8 hour Multiplier Booster. This changes the multiplier to x16 at the top level and x12, x7, x6 for the remaining three. We will also offer a 1 hour Booster which you can activate with Power Tokens at any time. But you can only have one Booster active at once. Note that the Multiplier Booster will replace the grace period that was in place during the last event (when the multiplier didn't drop until your first loss).

New feature: Reset Claim/Multiplier

For those who do not want to wait 4 hours for the next free reset, there will be an option to reset quicker by using Power Tokens. The cost will depend on how many full hours are left until the next free reset. The reset will give you 10 Tickets and reset the multiplier, just like a free reset would do.


As in the last event, there will be important Training Camp chips up for grabs, which you can obtain through the event shop using Badges. We have decided to decrease the cost of chips in the event shop, meaning they will be much easier to access than during the last event. The first chips will cost 190 just like last time, but the second, third and fourth chips will cost 210, 230 and 250 respectively.

You will earn Team Money based on the highest level team you are able to beat during the event, just like in the last event. But in addition, those who place high in the "Main" category of the Highscores list, will also receive Team Money benefits. Highscores is a new addition to the event, where we track your best match and compare them with the best match of other teams.

To see all Team Money prizes up for grabs, continue reading here.

Euro 2020 Match Predictor

We would also like to make you aware that a 2020 Match Predictor contest will be launched. But to make the game activities less congested we will launch it after the event have concluded, and it will focus on the playoff matches of the Euro 2020 only.