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03-12-2023 21:32
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Thoughts on Youth Exchange

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What are people’s feelings about exchanging 17/18 year olds that have maxed out key skills?

The guide pinned to the forum suggests this isn’t the best tactic, but surely it’s pointless to continue developing players who you are just going to bin off when they become 19?

I’ve got some 17s who are about to become third years that I got through the custom youth setup who aren’t the greatest, and wondering if others disagree with the guide.
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Re: Thoughts on Youth Exchange

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I think people keep youths with bad maxings mostly for U18 leagues and cups. It's better to have an 18-year-old with maxed speed at 6 than have a 16-year-old with no skills at all if you care about those competitions.

Otherwise, maybe a player maxes stamina at 6, but will reach 9 or 10 in all other essential skills (you never know). Would be a shame to discard it.
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