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26-05-2022 07:26
Season 82 · Week 8 · Day 52
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Idea regarding limit of foreign players

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I am pretty sure nobody from the crew actually reads our suggestions, however, I was thinking of the way foreign players spots are handled in the game. On one hand, putting a limit is necessary to make sure managers do not rely exclusivly on the market. On the other hand, with such a limit a manager can only dedicate it's team and resurcers to one type of competition: U21, U23 or seniors. It is really difficult to be competitive in at least 2 types of competitions.
Also, in some countries the market is "dead" with almost nothing to buy, this ways managers get bored (and spend less time on the game, with a higher chance to invest less money, right?).
So, I was thinking - how about adding 2 or 4 more spots for foreign players but without influencing too much the need raise your own players? One solution would be: a maximum number of foreign players per game. So right now in Hockye we have 16 foreign players at max, so you must play with 5 domestic players (you could play with 3 lines but let's exclude this possibility).
If it could be implemented it could look like this: max foreigners - 20 (10 without and 10 with work permit), but you cannot save a tactic if you do not have at least 5 (or we can increase the number to 6) domestic players.
Another idea would be: double citinzenship! Once a foreigner stays in the same team for a long time, let's say 2 or 3 seasons (182 days or 273 days) that players gets the double citizenship and is counted as a domestic players. There should be some analyse to decide what happens when that player is getting sold, but I would suggest that on the market should behave as a domestic player of his original nation, this way only the manager that holds him long enough would benefit.
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