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Cup Money. Huge joke really.

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What's the point in the cups when only a few teams can win it and the cash? It makes zero sense.

Either pay more teams. Teams that qualify out of the group for a start or increase attendances.

Paying only the top 3 makes no sense whatsoever.

Can someone make sense of it?
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Re: Cup Money. Huge joke really.

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Well shouldn't we get rid of leagues aswell, only one can win the championship and prem league teams get paid more than div clubs. Maybe we should only play friendlies and remove competition altogether from the game. But that kind of kills the game as there wouldn't be any reason to play and compete with others.

If there was increase in attendances those same clubs that go all the way would just gain more and more money as they would continue longer with higher money rewards. You might get money for game or two, but they would keep on going next seven rounds after you are knocked off from the tournament gaining even more money than earlier.

And prize money depends on tournaments for example top32 get paid in Sportsmanship cup 2022 from 25k€ to 150k€ for the winner.

I don't see any problem that the best teams gain more money for their success and they get rewarded for their efforts for achieving things like championships in cups. Only way to balance this extra money would be decreasing the amounts they gain but that already isn't any problem for the game. And if we didn't get any rewards for making it far to the cup coming in anything other than champion wouldn't feel rewarding cos you ended up with nothing for your efforts.
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