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08-06-2023 11:06
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Mz power token coin ?

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Shout out to the crew here...

As many of us know, there is a virtual money craze that started with bitcoin and continues with other coins. We met the simple version of this virtual currency in mz years ago Power Token :)

Currently, there are some games where you can use virtual money and win, and new ones are being made.

My suggestion is this: create a virtual currency that will be offered on existing coin exchanges with an arrangement where existing members are prioritized. This is not a very difficult thing, our friends created their own virtual currency :))

What advantages would there be if something like this was done? Many users who deal with virtual money but do not know managerzone will be familiar with the game. Crewler does not have to raise money to earn money :) The token is released to the market at a low unit price, it loses its connection with foreign currency and gains a universal quality. Many people who quit the game or leave the game come back. rotary. Official trophies become coin prizes, competition increases. Many factors may arise, such as the game can be both a source of entertainment and a source of income, what do you think?
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Re: Mz power token coin ?

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Completely agree with you. Also think that playing in an online casino can be both a great way to earn money and entertainment ... although I like to play poker most of all
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