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Power tokens

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I may be getting this wrong but it costs the following in real cash if you want to be a club member and do world league and youth world leagues.

66 tokens for 3 months membership(90days) 1 season
15 power tokens for 3 world leagues per season
15 power tokens for 3 youth world leagues.

So 96 tokens a season for those 3 things. 100 tokens cost 18.14. So 6.05 per month.

Thats actually not that unreasonable.

Have I calculated this correctly? Have I missed any hidden costs?
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Re: Power tokens

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With that amount of tokens you get to participate

U18 World League
World League

U18 Youth League
U21 Youth League
U23 Youth League

1 World/Youth League ticket allows you to participate every age group of competition.

Buying 4 Youth League tickets lets you compete for a whole year in every age group.

Calculation would be

15 tokens for U18 and Senior World League for season If you buy 4 tickets.
15 tokens for U18,U21 and U23 Youth leagues for season If you buy 4 tickets.

Also to complete Youth and world Tours you Need to attend atleast 1 of the named cups that cost 5 tokens so 10 tokens in total.
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