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Most efficient keeper training

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Has anyone done the math on the most efficient training for uxx goal keepers?

Is it worth the training spot? Feels kind of slow if you're aiming at youth competition because of the three skills being trained not to mention the time off the field in the camp is wasting that precious youth playing time. Is it more efficient just be sitting them on the training field with a good coach?

Would be interested to hear how people are training keepers to be a 1st team player as well.

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Re: Most efficient keeper training

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I have 3 U18 Goalkeepers 1 for every age group

16 and 17yo keepers doesn't matter at what time I camp them 18yo goes to camp after the competitions has ended if he has any future.

U23 I usually have 2 keepers. The younger and weaker one doesn't matter when he camps and last season I just found using time saver chip for the better one is optimal time wise camping him after the last match of the season and match break taking 2.5 weeks he returns to the field for the first match of the season while getting full camp worth of training.

About U18 keepers its kind of coin flip to camp them cos you don't know if they ever go to 10 balls but training those other skills at camp can also turn good investment if they go.
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