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Custom Youth setup replaces youths?

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Hey guys,

I have a question regarding the custom youth setup. 2 seasons ago I used it to get 18 year old youths and I had some of the same age in my academy. I was thinking that they will get replaced but they did not.

My questions is, what is the best approach if I want all my youths to be exchanged? Do I need to change the number in the academy to 0 youths and only after that, to order custom youth setup?

I have to specify that I don't remember exactly if I didn't also chnage it to 0 before ordering custom youth setup...

Anyone has tried both ways and knows what is the outcome?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Custom Youth setup replaces youths?

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Youth customisation will always keep players you already have. You will never get a complete new set.

Best way id imagine to do what your wanting is drop your youths to 0. Wait for them to leave and then use your youth customisation
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