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25-05-2022 03:25
Season 82 · Week 8 · Day 51
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Alternative tactic kicks in AFTER kick off ??

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I find this very strange. When you have an alternative tactic that needs to kick in around 40min mark it does not kick in say when there is a corner, set piece etc but after the game has kicked off after a goal has been scored or in the second half.

So this is what happens.

Away team for example starts kick off that's when your team's alternative tactic kicks in so whiles they are attacking your whole team tactic is being arranged so this effectively means you have no tactics until the alternative tactic is finally implemented. I'm yet to concede a goal because of this but this will happen if this is not fixed.

Why not just implement the change before kick off or when there is a special event like corners or set pieces or penalties taking place?

>>>>Kindly watch the match below to fully understand what I mean. This weird phenomenon start at min 44.26 as the opposition team is restarting play.
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