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24-05-2022 05:16
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Peronists we are all

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Peronism is the collective memory that the humble have of a time of justice and dignity. It is the dream of a country of equals, a European conception, where all the inhabitants deserve to be respected.

We drag a conflict with politics, and it is logical that it should be so, that art expresses maturity while we, for now, or until now, are only an attempt to amalgamate some fragments.

Peronism expresses the workers and continues to be the collective memory of a time when the homeland belonged to everyone, the memory of the paradise of the humble where work was the place of dignity. Today it maintains with the Kirchnerism that is based in the university students.

In my opinion, the party and its use is just a memory that gives votes; Of course, in life, feeling that they call me a partner imposes Peronism as one of the best ways to feel Argentine.

Long live my companions!

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