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25-05-2022 14:12
Season 82 · Week 8 · Day 51
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We are giving away free tokens! We create a community! We make t

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We are giving away free tokens!
We create a community!
We make the game in Managerzone easier!

I warmly welcome,

We have introduced free tokens for the best scorers in our federation, from tour to tour the rewards will be even greater and it will depend on the involvement of people in the federation. We repeat the request, if you play for the Federation, play in leagues, score, then I invite you to join us, because we intend to win with all Federations around the MZ globe. If those points from other federations, which are not winning anything, were in our joint federation, we have a certain victory. Everyone in the federation is very committed and has ambitious goals. We also invite you to the discussion forum. Share everything there, we are a community. It is nice and pleasant with us. It won't all happen without you.
Yes, we know it's mainly for fanatics of this game, so as I wrote "if you play in the tour" we are waiting for your application :)

For every friendly league you win in this tour, you will receive a statuette from Managerzone.

In addition to the friendly leagues that are in the tour, after the tour, a free Cup is established to which everyone will get an invitation and another, exciting but healthy competition will begin :)

We are listening to you! If you are part of our federation and have substantive, interesting solutions for our community, we will be glad to take it into account and implement it.

We will also want to organize additional leagues and cups in the future as well as chat on messenger, where we will be able to share the world of MZ to make it easier for all of us.

Best Regards
Federation team

Link to the federation, don't wait :)
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