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28-01-2021 03:12
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player- contract negociations

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I feel that a big part of managing a team is taken away from us.
Not having the chance to manage player contracts, dealing with characters, their demands, and the struggle of making a choice of selling- before losing a player, seems like a very simplistic way to deal with it.

I propose the following:
1. players have personality, alongside the skills ( teamplayer; a loof; determined; professional; world class; etc).

2. players have limited contracts (for 1,2,3 or up to 5 seasons)

3. player contracts can get automatically signed the first time (but at a cost of +10/ 15% increase to their salary/ or potential salary that you could have signed yourself, whereas the 2nd time, if you don't renew the contract, you could loose the player to the free market.

4. when you renew a player's contract yourself (which can be done either in the last year/ 6 months of the contract), you can negociate a lower price than the automatic renewal, therefore rewarding managers that are active, and are looking out for their team.

5.just like coaches, they could ask for bonuses of performance (rather than bonuses at signing off the contract)

5. both the salary requirements and bonuses (or maybe just bonuses) could be influenced by the character of the player. i.e. a determined player (a player with a certain number of balls) will ask for more bonuses, whereas a world class (a player in the highest end of nr of balls ) would ask for biggest bonuses.

6.Last, but not least, free players would be up for grabs in the free market (with an increased salary and bonus requirement)

In my view, this would help us a bit from falling asleep on this game, would let us personalize and really be in control of our weekly budgets, and would give another layer to the game.

Furthermore, it would open up additional tactics of growing a team.
-some prefer to raise players, and have the patience for it.
-others like to buy the best, and try to survive financially from winning trophies
- with this addition, we could also the one that scouts for freebies, and makes a decent team based on players that are slightly overpaid in the first 2 seasons, but they won't have to buy players.

Idea open to criticism.
Thank you
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Re: player- contract negociations

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I've been on this game for over 10 years now (on and off) and I would be pleasantly surprised if the MZ admins/owners make these changes.

I really do hope they realise that this game is getting very stale and it needs a revamp in new ideas that reflects football today... or football in general.

If not that... make it extremely fun and interactive and I don't think it does either at the moment.

Re: player- contract negociations

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I've played this game about 10 years ago, as well, and ended up bored to the point where I've seen no point to log in daily, and then weekly.. until I've forgot completely about it.
I've lost my team and everything else, and now that I've remembered it, i thought I should give it a try.
And I've got a shock to see that there weren't any big changes to it at all, after so many years, while also seeing the game dying slowly.
I guess there is no real motivation to make changes as long as people are still paying for club membership...

Ri: player- contract negociations

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I agree with your ideas rcostel, but why two points 5?

Re: player- contract negociations

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goalsaurus wrote:
I agree with your ideas rcostel, but why two points 5?

Thank you for pointing this out.
It's just a typo, as I've written the text in a rush, between work meetings.
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