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Player's best position

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Is there an available website to view the player's best position?

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Re: Player's best position

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Copy paste player skills from squad summary and it will show you MZ Manager values. It is not the best but for beginners it should be useful!

you can also use
Copy paste players from squad summary again and than click on player name - it will redirect you to site. From address bar change the part where it says "false" and replace it with true. it will give MZS values. Again not the best but for beginners it should help.

Just to show you how works
1) Go to
2)Paste player skills to box and press "save"
4)click on player name
5)This is the address where you are:
6) Replace "false" with "true"
7) this is the address now:

And now you can see MZS-values.

Third option is go directly to and fill the form but I have used as it is more quick as no forms have to be manually filled!
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