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This thread is made to clarify which rules we assistants have made for the Transfer Forum to make it work. The forum part has a lot of traffic and each seller and buyer wants to be seen as much as possible, that is why these rules exist.

1) Bumping of threads that are already on the first page is not allowed. If the thread is on the second page you can write one post to get it to the first page again.

Relevant information of the player may be added to the thread even though it is on the first page. Meaning Relevant is information that is essential to the selling, such as: New balls, change in maxings and cases where a GA acted against sabotage offers so that the deadline have been changed. Non relevant is updates of transfer history or changes on the deadline because of new bids.

It is not allowed to bump underlying threads to make your own thread slide down to the second page and then bump it.

2) Number of threads a single manager is allowed to have is three. One thread for players on the transfer, marked [For Sale], one for players that you're seeking, marked [Buying] and one for players not yet on the transfer that you are looking for bids on, marked [Bid]. Different variety of these markings is of course allowed, but only one thread per category is allowed. If you for example have two players that you're looking for bids on, then they should be in the same thread.

3) Giving your thread extra attention by using special signs and abuse of signs is not allowed. It is up to the FA's to decide if a thread uses signs in a prohibited way to cause extra attention. Signs that belong to general knowledge of what they mean is allowed, for example, the sign @ has come to symbolize the word balls.

4) Comments in other managers threads about the players quality's should be within the forum rules and to sabotage a managers selling by causing doubt about the information in the thread, is not allowed. If you believe that someone is misleading other managers then you should contact managerzone support which you can find under Help -> Support( and explain in which way you find a thread misleading. All purchases with information about maxings is at own risk. Consequently it is not allowed to voluntary fool other managers to gain on the transfer or in the game.

If the rules for the Transfer forum is broken the thread/threads will be deleted and the manager will be warned. If one received warnings before it will lead to losing ones access to the forum for a while. In cases where one still does not respect the rules one will be permanent banned from the forum.

If you have questions about the rules or complaints about how a manager uses the Transfer Forum then you should contact a FA for help.

Good luck with your sells!

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