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24-02-2021 20:54
Season 77 · Week 8 · Day 51
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Youth academy graduates cup & rating avg.

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I would like to propose 3 updates to the game:
  • I would suggest new activities to promote managers keeping their youth academy graduates, and at the same time investing in them. Thus, perhaps an open and free of charge (!) cup, where at least 5 or 6 players must be graduates from own academy (not loyal players), could be a first step, or additional achievements in this direction, or extra bonuses (like e.g. so many youth academy players free of charge, as the lowest number of “graduates” played in a league game (so If in every league game played 4 “graduates”, one will get 4 youth academy places free of charge) etc.
  • An average rating from league games, visible at player´s profile, would also be useful. Another step could be inclusion of this avg. rating in transfer market – this could influence the price.
  • The last proposal is changing a nickname: since every manager has it´s individual id number, I think it would be very useful to allow change in nicknames. I am playing MZ over 10 years and I really would like to change it……:).

BR :)
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