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23-04-2021 07:40
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Keep player on transfer list

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One of the problems with the transfer market is that you have to be there at the deadline to buy a player. If you don't, you will probably overpay him. If you offer a fair price few hours before deadline, you will probably not get him, because the fair price plus 5% is still a fair price, so somebody else will take over later. This is why I don't even bother bidding a long time before deadline - it will just raise the final price (if I am there on the deadline and somebody else did bid more, I need to bid over his bid which is already higher because of my first bid).

So, most people (me to) wait for the deadline in order to commence bidding. If I cannot be there at the deadline, I can forget about that player - I tried many times and bought maybe 1 out of 20 players I have bid for - and it was probably overpayed.

So, here is my idea:
If nobody bids for the player after 3 days, he should remain on the transfer list with the same price. If he is not sold in 3 days, it does not mean that the price is too high - it just might be the case that nobody wanted to place a bid when the deadline was too far away - and by chance, nobody was around at the deadline.

So, when the player has already passed his deadline, he will be available on the secondary transfer list and he goes to the bidder who thinks the price is ok. If the price is too high, nobody will ever place a bid, and if price is too low, player would already be sold during first 3 days on regular transfer list.

The owner should be able to remove the player from the secondary list at any time and should be able to activate that option or not at all.

This would allow people to buy players immediately if they are ok with the price. Also it would allow seller to keep the player available for transfer without having to repeat the process every few days.
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Re: Keep player on transfer list

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Re: Keep player on transfer list

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gurdash wrote:

...So, here is my idea:
So, when the player has already passed his deadline, he will be available on the secondary transfer list and he goes to the bidder who thinks the price is ok.

My question is what happen if there is more than one bidder who thinks that the price is acceptable for them? Will there be a war bidding? If yes, then what is the difference with the transfer market that we have now?

Honestly, I like the current transfer market works. More challenging and intense. Sometimes I win the bid and sometimes not but that's how it works also in the real world. So, I'm okay with it. I feel more satisfied that way.

Odg: Keep player on transfer list

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Maybe you did not completely understand my proposal. The transfer market would remain the same, but if the player is unsold for 3 days and the seller still thinks it is a fair price, but only needs to wait some more for the true buyer, why would a player be removed from the transfer and re-listed again and again (each time with a 24h pause, of course)?

There would not be a bidwar, since the deadline is already passed. There is minimal possibility that two buyers would appear at the same time and fight a bidwar. Of course, it would be possible to add 3 minute period after the buyer places the bid, so that somebody else may still raise it, but it is highly unprobable for someone interested to appear exactly at those 3 minutes.

The difference is you could buy a player immediately and not have to wait for the deadline. The secondary transfer list would probably be full of players that nobody wanted in the regular transfer period and most of them would have price too high. But, I expect that there would still be many players with price that is just above the fair price and many managers would want to pay more just to get the player right now.

Also, prices on a secondary transfer list would be a good guidance for price comparison for a kind of player you are looking for.
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