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24-02-2021 20:47
Season 77 · Week 8 · Day 51
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Low the stadium&facilities upkeep.

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My stadium has 11,000 places and is't perfectly designed for Premier League.
I did some math and i see that in a cup final can come a lot of fans, and no one have enough places+facylities, beacause it's very expensive.
If the crew low the Stadium upkeep with 50%,users may raise their stadium a little bit, and teams who reach finals can earn nice money. I think doesen't affect's anyone.
At this moment doesen't worth to build anything more, beacause the upkeep will be very expensive, and you can fill up the stadium maybe one match per season, or none.

My stadium - 11.000 places

Stadium upkeep 23 584 EUR
Facilities upkeep 10 917 EUR
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