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24-02-2021 21:17
Season 77 · Week 8 · Day 51
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Give more power to set plays in new sim version

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I have such player:

He have 9,75 balls in set plays now.

Daniel Puzio. P...o - His name looks like Pirlo or del Piero - best set players ever which I know. First and last letter is are the same.

But what for it ? Nobody. My player plays hunderts matches in U23 another competitions. Player in strong club. Strong player in strong team. But number of goals who him shots for set plays is 0.
Z e r o. Zirou. He he. I thinked many times - I will train him set plays to build little advantage for my team. And what for this hard job ?
Sombody say that maybe he can give my team many assists for my forwards. No. No assists. He does set plays like every players. I watch every matches in 2d relation.
So my idea is like in topic.
Give more power to set plays in new sim version. Maybe 10% goals for set trys for 9@ players with good inteligence. Do it however, but however do it. :)
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