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Season 75 · Week 1 · Day 2
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Welcome to the ManagerZone Football Forum, the meeting place of our great community! Whether you want to chat about your last match, top up your tactical knowledge or exchange football banter with fellow managers across the world, this is the place to do it. But first, please make sure you read - and follow - our Forum Rules. For even more information about using the Forum, read the manual.

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Federations & Clans

The place to join and create clans/federations and interact with your fellow clan/federation members.

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Latest updated topic:
COMINTERN - Communist International - moonlight-1992, Monday 21:56


Looking for friendlies?

Then this is the place for you

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Latest updated topic:
doubles 14 - albinpotyka, Today 12:41

Friendly Leagues & Private Cups

Do you have a none Zone or Crew endorsed Friendly Cup or Friendly League to share?

This is the place for you to share and discuss!

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Latest updated topic:
mundial de divisiones 5-6-7-8-9 - chakalove, Yesterday 23:33

ManagerZone talk

This is the place for all MZ related topics not covered by the other forums.

Discuss the latest official cup, your league result, the zone and zone endorsed FLs, your players’ training progress, your most recent player purchase etc here.

Accepted languages: English.

Discussion of Word from Owners (WFOs) must be kept to the relevant pinned thread.

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USA NC Elections - mzusa79, Today 08:18

Open Discussion

Want to talk about things unrelated to ManagerZone? Use this forum.

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What were you thinking? - lamac85, Today 12:41

Questions & Answers

Need help with Managerzone?

Read the threads in this forum and if needed ask any questions you have in a new thread. If you can help out other managers by answering their questions then please do so.

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Most important skills for defenders - rcostel, Today 10:36

Simulator Development Feedback

Do you have any comments on the simulator, suggestions how to make the game play more realistic or discovered a glitch in the 3D? Than here is where you can post your feedback!

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Latest updated topic:
Rule for injury player not working - doug7887, Saturday 22:45


Do you have an idea of a possible new development that could help improve Managerzone? If so then this is the place to make your suggestion and discuss other people’s suggestions.

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Transfers - chucky06, Yesterday 12:35


The forum where you advertise any player that you have put up for sale.

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9-9-9 very good - pedro100, Today 12:54