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07-02-2016 22:31   |   Season 57, Round 8, Day 27   |   Online: 5 174
Latest Game News

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2016-02-05, 15:00

Tactics Editor Beta update

The new Tactics Editor Beta is open for Club Members to enjoy, as we continue to improve it. Once complete, it will be open for all.

The Tactics Beta is packed with new features and we have updated it even more since the last news.

The Tactics Beta can be found here:Clubhouse >> Tactics >> My Tactics Beta

What's new in this update?

Age filters are saved:
The age filter is now saved along with the Tactic as long as you have hit the "Filter" button.

Age restriction warning:

When you are using the age filter you might see a border around the tab (as displayed on the Tactic tab "U25"). That means you have an over- /underaged Player on the field or on the bench. Please note that you will be able to save the Tactic tab even though you have ineligible Players on the Tactics Field (or on the bench).


The link/unlink button is removed. It is replaced with an icon to display whether or not you have alternative formation(s) in your Tactic.

Moving a Player in an alternative formation will automatically unlink your formations. If you want to have them linked again, just reset your alternative formation(s) to make them identical to your starting formation.

Your starting formation and your alternative formation(s) are identical. Any changes you make to your starting formation will automatically be mirrored in your alternative formation(s).

Your starting formation and your alternative formation(s) differ. Any positional changes you make to Players in your starting formation will not affect your alternative formation(s). Moving Players on or off the field will still be mirrored across all formations.

Bug fixes:

A lot of small bug fixes have been made based on feedback from our Club Members.

We are continuing to optimize accessibility on mobile devices.

This new Tactics Editor remains a Beta as we continue to update and add practical and welcomed features.

Be sure to double check your Tactics in the old Tactics editor after making changes, to ensure you are happy.

2016-01-29, 19:00

Last chance to Kick start your Team!

The Kick Start Package has helped reboot countless teams, but it will no longer be available after 1500 CET February 5th

Because it has been a very popular choice for many Club Members with the excellent value it offered, we wanted to give advanced notice, so any bargain hunters had the opportunity to invest before it is gone.

You can find it in the Store >> Kick Start

The cool Kick Start package is retiring, please do not miss out!
2016-01-29, 15:00

Join the Manager Madness Cup - earn Power Tokens

The Manager Madness Cup!

We are giving out 400 Power Tokens to the top 32 teams and a shiny new trophy to the winner!

We’ve all been there: newbies learning how to manage a brand new club. And, while ManagerZone is refreshingly simple to pick up, we all know that it takes longer to master and get the most out of your team. You will experience moments where nothing can stop your team from scoring goals and claiming trophies, while others result in banging your head against the wall.

It is time to settle which Manager who will claim the trophy, either by excellent management skills or maybe by being the craziest Manager out there.

Join the Manager Madness Cup here!

The U21 Manager Madness Cup!

Take a stab at the U21 version of the ManagerZone Madness Cup and grab a piece of the staggering €5,000,000 Team Money Prize Pool for the top 64 Teams and the unique trophy!

Don’t miss this fun opportunity to earn some extra Team Money!

Join the U21 Manager Madness Cup here!

2016-01-28, 17:00

Club Membership – time to renew!

Club Membership packages help support the growth and development of ManagerZone.

Every single person who buys Club Membership is helping support the growth and development of ManagerZone – thank you!

Key updates in the last 12 months that Club Members have helped support include:
  • The magnificent new Tactic Editor and their fantastic filters!

  • The tremendous new Training Field!

  • Two Hockey SIMs!

  • The work on the new Football SIM! (currently at Beta SIM V2.36)

  • Bug fixes!

If you have not already helped, please give Club Membership a try, you are helping your Team and you are helping a great game!

Thank you for YOUR support.
2016-01-28, 15:00

New Tactic Editor Beta open for CMs

Your hardworking Club Secretary has been busy providing you with a mobile and tablet friendly Football Tactic Editor.

The new Tactics Editor is now open for Club Members to enjoy, as we continue the Beta. Once complete, it will be open for all.

My Tactics Beta can be found here: Clubhouse >> Tactics >> My Tactics Beta

What's new?

  • The new 'My Tactics' page is tablet and mobile friendly so we can all fine-tune our tactics whilst on the move!

  • Filters - Finding Players in a specific age category or with a specific set of skills has never been easier.

  • Compact design – Even though you will see similarities with the old design, a lot of unused space has been removed in the new version of 'My Tactics'.

  • Set plays – The 'Set Plays' button is replaced with a tab and integrated into the design.

  • New Player Cards – The new Player Cards make it easier for Managers to take notes and add flags to Players.

  • Show grayed out Players – Managers can choose between displaying the complete Player list or filter out Players that are already on the field, severely injured and/or on Training Camp.

  • Load tactic into editor from 'Tactics Test History' – This feature is fixed and works as intended in the beta.

  • Virtual arrow keys – The virtual arrow keys offer Managers another way to move Players around on the tactic field from a mobile device. Tap or hold any of the arrow keys to move the highlighted Player.

  • Show collisions while dragging – Managers can opt to use 'Show collisions while dragging' which is a bit heavier for your computer or mobile device but gives you instant feedback on collisions when mouse dragging a Player over another Player. The option to show collisions or not is saved in a cookie on your device.

Known issues

  1. The player icon is off when dragging a player from the list onto the field while zoomed in in Chrome on some Android devices.

  2. The virtual arrow keys get stuck on some Android devices.

This new Tactic Editor remains a Beta as your Club Secretary continues to update and add practical and welcomed features.

Your GPAs have already been testing and making excellent suggestions to improve the new Tactics Editor.

Be sure to double check your tactics in the old Tactics editor after making changes, to ensure you are happy.
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