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2015-05-26, 14:00

Kick Start package reboot

Launched in early 2014, the old Kick Start package has helped many dedicated Managers establish their team, introduced them to the Youth Leagues and gave both buying and selling teams a boost in the transfer market. Over 90% of the original transfer assistance has already been invested in the transfer market!

With the upcoming release of the achievement chains and the start of the World League, the new Kick Start package has been revamped and is now available once more for everyone. If you have already invested in the old Kick Start Package, or any of the individual items, do not worry. Everything in the new Kick Start Package will extend or add to what you already have.

The new Kick Start Package is great for new Managers who are looking to experience the full breadth of ManagerZone as quickly as possible and great for established Managers who are looking for a fabulous bargain.

Both the old and the new package help ManagerZone as every single penny we receive goes into funding the many improvements the site has seen.

The Kick start Package can be found on the Club Membership page and is available at the introductory price of 145 Power Tokens until June 8th 12:00 CET.

What do you get?
Three Months Club Membership
Enjoy the full game experience and also contribute to the development!

If you are already a Club Member, your Membership will be extended by the Kick Start Package.

1 Youth League Ticket
Receive one bonus Season Ticket and Compete in the great Youth Leagues for one season!

A very generous bonus for those who invest in the new Kick Start Package and a chance for new or existing Managers to enjoy the fantastic Youth Leagues.

3 World League Passes
Receive three bonus World League Passes and Compete in the great World Leagues for three World League seasons!

A very generous bonus for those who invest in the new Kick Start Package and a chance for new or existing Managers to enjoy the fantastic World League.

Transfer Market Assistance of 435,849 EUR
To match your commitment to your Club, your Chairman will assist you in the transfer market by up to 435,849 EUR. Transfer fees will be refunded up to that total, once each transfer completes. Note that you cannot sell Players bought using these funds for 91 days! There is no time limit for using the assistance.

Whilst the amount is less than the recent Season Break Tours, it does provide a great boost to the Transfer Market and therefore benefits EVERY team that is trying to sell their Players. As it is a rebate, the buying Club must earn their Team Money as normal, before they can purchase a Player. This helps ensure new Managers are familiar with the benefits and risks of the transfer market before they make their purchases.

Form Camp
Your Head of Sports Science will restore a Player's form to a rising 7 with the status "match fit". Usable 11/16 times!

This is a great way for new Managers to reshape their Player's form as they learn how form works, or for experienced Managers to get back in shape if they have not been able to closely manager their team during the holidays.

Training Camp Exchange
Exchange active Training Camps to any of the available Training Camp offers for 4/6 of your Players!

Even though Training Camps now rotate twice per week, it is not always possible to wait for the your favourite Training Camp to come around, vacations and the vital Cup run can all get in the way!

Custom Youth Setup
Your Head of Youth Development offers you one opportunity to fully customise your team's Youth Academy, allowing you to pick first, second or third season Players, instead of untrained Youths. These are regular Youths, the same as all others in the game.

This is a great way for new Managers to learn about the Youth Academy, or for existing Managers to become more involved.

3 free Coaches for 30 days
Your Chairman will hire and fund one B-, one C- and one D-Class Coach for 30 days to help train your Players. Each Saturday, your Chairman will refund the salaries for these three low level Coaches.

This is a great way for new Managers to learn about Coaches, or for existing Managers to see how helpful Coaches are to the development and training of their Players.

Small Stadium build
Your Head of Construction will fund the building of 1 Restaurant and 3 Hotdog Stands free of charge, the build will start immediately. Your Chairman understands that you might want to demolish some of your older buildings and reinvest the money if you feel your facilities are already optimal for your Club.

This is a great way for new Managers to begin to shape their Club structure, or for existing Managers to add a few additional buildings.

50% off the cost of construction workers for 90 days
With the recent update to Stadiums, this highlights the introduction of additional construction workers.

Free ManagerZone Hockey or Football Club Membership
Try a new sport in ManagerZone with the full CM benefits for one month!

With this part of the offer we gift free Club Membership in the alternate sport, giving all Managers a great opportunity to experience our other game.

(x/y numbers denote Football/Hockey amounts.)
2015-05-25, 10:00

Last day to invest in current Kick Start package

The Kick Start Package, found on the Club Membership page will be retiring soon!

A lot of cool changes have occurred since the launch of the Kick Start in 2014 and many Managers, old and new have enjoyed the assistance it gave their Club, as well as the very welcome boost it gave to the transfer market.

With the upcoming addition of Achievement Chains, as well as the launch of the World League and other changes, the current Kick Start Package will be removed on May 26th.

If you have already supported your team and the game by investing in this package, do not worry, any transfer assistance not yet invested will remain available to your Club.
2015-05-22, 11:00

Transfer market change

We are making changes to the transfer market that will allow Managers in different countries to increase the number of foreign players they are allowed to have in their teams. This is a revision to the original changes made several Seasons ago and the more recent update.

We have looked at every team in every division to see how many players they have trained, or bought from foreign or domestic teams, as well as considered how the changes to deteriorations and training are affecting the transfer market.

Players qualify for work permits by playing in foreign countries. Two limits now exist, foreign player limit and dual nationality limit. Foreign Players cannot play for a different National Team.

The Transfer Regions will be reviewed periodically, and we'll consider carefully any feedback received on the levels and regions. Changes are noted in red below.

Region A – These countries generally have a strong and active domestic transfer market.
Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Sweden and Turkey
Region B – These countries generally have an active domestic transfer market, but there are times when the market is slow or limited.
Austria, Belgium, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela
Region C – These countries generally have an inactive or very limited domestic transfer market, with occasional flurries of transfer activity.
Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia And Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, MZ Country, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Wales

The time required to qualify for a Work Permit has already been reduced in each region from X >> Y.
Region A
Region B
Region C
Work Permit(s)
90 >> 75
60 >> 45
45 >> 30

Work Permit:
A player may qualify for a Work Permit that allows him to play in a foreign country by residing in that country. A Work Permit costs 10 times the Player's current weekly salary.

A work permit may be purchased for existing foreign Players by clicking on the Work Permit icon . A work permit may also be purchased at the time of bidding on the transfer market.

A residency filter is available on the transfer page.

An example of a player who has played in many countries.

An example of a Polish player who has played in Wales for 1 day.

Foreign Limits
The foreign Player limits will be reviewed periodically and only if we see that the transfer market for a country changes significantly, it is not our intent to make regular changes.

Region A
Teams in Region A may have 3 foreign Players and 1 foreign Player with a Work Permit, for a total of 4 foreign Players.

Region B
Teams in Region B may have 3 foreign Players and 3 foreign Player with a Work Permit, for a total of 6 foreign Players.

Region C
Teams in Region C may have 3 foreign Players and 4 foreign Player with a Work Permit, for a total of 7 foreign Players.

The change is for Season 55.
2015-05-19, 20:00

Deterioration Poll 2

Your Club Secretaries have been eagerly collecting the results of the official MangerZone Federation Poll, as well as reviewing the many forum threads on the topic.

The results of the poll showed the two most popular choices to be option 3 and option 5, although there was only a few votes difference:

8% - Option 1 - No Change!
10% - Option 2 - Reduce Physio cost!
39% - Option 3 - Sports science helps Physios!
4% - Option 4 - Physio boost!
38% - Option 5 - Boost Youth Training instead!

Your Chairman has agreed to fund the two most popular choices and your Head of Sport Science now seeks further advice on how quickly you would like to see the changes implemented.

What does Option 3 mean?
A Player Season ages 28 or 29, who is receiving help from a Physio will not deteriorate.

A Player Season ages 28 or 29, who is receiving help from a Physio, who has previously lost skills due to deterioration will be able to train in those skills again and regain the lost skill.

A Player Season ages 28 or 29, who is receiving help from a Physio, will be able to train in those skills up to their maximum potentiall. The Player will train based on the established Training rules.

The Player will train based on the established Training rules.

A Physio will continue to slow deteriorations for Players Season ages 30 and over, but they cannot prevent it completely.

What does Option 5 mean?
Your Chairman will invest in both your Senior and Youth training facilities, to give more opportunities for Players to train and improve.

Free Training Camp places for Youths:
Football increases from 4 to 6 per Season.
Hockey increases from 5 to 8 per Season.

Youth Conditioning Camp places:
Football increases from 6 to 9 per Season.
Hockey increases from 8 to15 per Season.

Players at Training Camp:
Football increases from 8 to 10.
Hockey increases from 12 to15.

These changes are in addition to the updates made at the start of this Season.

The maximum number of Youths in your Football Academy will increase by 2.
The maximum number of Youths in your Hockey Academy will increase by 3.

Timing for any change.
Implementing both option 3 and option 5 means there are lots of factors to consider, plan and implement and your Chairman wishes to give you time to plan and consider. Your Head of Sport Science asks you to consider the following possible dates:

Poll 2.
Option 1 - At the end of this Season, after the Play offs.

Option 2 - At the end of next Season (55/47)

Option 3 - In ~Eighteen months time, Season 61/53.

Members of the ManagerZone Federation are therefore encouraged to vote!

Poll 2 will open May 19th and close May 25th to give everyone time to read the news and consider the choices before casting their vote.

Using the results of the Poll, your Chairmen will invest further in sports science and fund better Youth training. Managers who were kind enough to register a vote in the first MangerZone Federation Poll on deterioration can look forward to a surprise gift in their Power Token balance on Wednesday.

Thank you for your support!
2015-05-18, 17:00

Spring Break Tour – REMINDER

The deadline and chance to earn €600,000 OR €250,000 and 2 Loyal Players by organising a Tour for your Football Club is approaching quickly!

To secure these funds, you must complete either of the between 1000 CEST, May 6th, 2015 and 1800 CEST, May 27th, 2015.

The full news can be found here.

If you have successfully completed either Tour when your Club Secretary checks on June 4th 2015, then your Chairman will pay the bonus some time during that day. Your Academy will be inspected on the same day and the bonus will be paid if you have qualified.

Crew's decision is final.
The reference English news can be found here.
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