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2014-08-27, 10:07

Have you made any of these Rookie mistakes?

We already shared this to our Facebook page, but thought it was fun enough to go here as well. The origin is this thread in the English forum created by geoclphredux. "The purpose of this thread is to share and have a laugh at our previous managerial faux pas (our Rookie Mistakes, in other words) and for others to learn from them if they so wish."

So if you want to be successful in ManagerZone, take the advice of the experts and DO NOT commit any of these (sometimes hilarious) mistakes!

  • Sign every Brazilian you can get your hands on because... Brazilians are better at football right?

  • Start up your career by demolishing your current stadium and build a new one with way too small capacity.

  • Keep a rubbish player for seasons on end, because you've formed emotional ties to him early in your career. You'll end up paying the salary for a player you have no use for.

  • Ignore forming a Youth Academy, because you can just buy young talent with all the money you save on not having a Youth Academy

  • Form a Youth Academy then regret that decision, close the Academy then start it right back up the next season (paying the start-up fee twice)

  • Hire a staff of super-coaches to train players that you'll get rid of soon anyway (and that are too poor to sell)

  • Start up an academy with too many Youths, not being able to send them all to training camp and wasting their talent

  • Ignore maxings and just keep training your players in maxed out skills

  • Insist that your team is already perfect, since you are able to beat the other teams in the lowest division handsomely, therefore not needing to plan long-term.

  • Spend more money on transfers than you need to get to the next division.

  • As a reward for job well done, take your players off training so they can go and enjoy a virtual holiday.

Don't hesitate to create a similar thread in your own forum language section. Good for a laugh or two and great reading for beginners!
2014-08-25, 15:00

Pauol takes over Bessie

It's been out there for a while already, but the UKI Zone made it official today: whinswood378 has announced he's stepping down from the Bessie League and the UKI RA team.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank whinswood378 for his contributions to the game, the Bessie League is one of the oldest still running competitions in ManagerZone and surely one of the most appreciated. The competitive yet friendly banter associated with Bessie is legendary! The League will continue to run under new management (Pauol steps in as new president of the Bessie federation, with help from William).

Below is an excerpt from the UKI Zone (article writer: mosmosmos)

As many of you may already know from the Bessie, long time reporter and founder of the UKI Zone whinswood378 has announced that after 7 years he will be stepping down as an RA and his involvement in the UKI Zone.

Whins first got involved in reviving the Scottish Zone and community all the way back in 2007 and before encompassing a larger community in the guise of the Celtic Zone, at it’s peak a highly impressive Zone. After the decline of the English Zone as a separate entity, this was merged with the Celtic Zone in order to become what we have today, the UKI Zone.

Although Whins stepped away from being the main editor of the UKI Zone in 2012, he has been strongly involved since in the community quizzes and of course producing the sub-section of the UKI Zone, The Scottish Zone.

I’m sure you will join me in thanking Keith for all his efforts to the community over the last 7 years and his future out of the limelight within MZ.

2014-08-18, 16:00

Are you Elite?

It is time for the Season 51 Elite Cups! The Elite Cups are played once every season and only the very best managers and teams from the season before are invited. The matches will be played on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, starting August 27.

Champions Cup
In the Champions Cup, the most prestigious of the Elite Cups, the winning top division teams from all around the world compete with each other to determine who is truly the best of the best!
Follow the action.

Cup Winners Cup
In the Cup Winners Cup the champions from each country's Senior National Cup fight for the title as the best cup-team in the world!
Follow the action.

Top Teams Cup
In the Top Teams Cup the teams that came in second and third in each nation's top league battle with each other in a competition of the highest quality!
Follow the action.

If a Manager wins all three different National Cups over the course of a career, they earn the distinction of the Triple Crown. This amazing feat has only been completed once in ManagerZone Football, by renowned Spanish Manager jose84ss.
2014-08-15, 16:00

Training Update (v2.1): New Coach System

Since the introduction of the latest Sport Science (Training 2.0) in Season 48/40 we have continued to analyze the training data. This to ensure that the new training system is at the level it should be.

Overall we are happy with how the latest improvements Sport Science have helped the Players in ManagerZone, but one area we really want to develop further are the Coaches.

With the original release of Training 2.0 we boosted the best Coaches in the game, which was a good enhancement but not enough to realise their full potential. Therefore we have decided to make a larger change for the Coaches, to really make their contribution and importance in training Players stand out.

In order to fully understand the importance of using Coaches, and how the they will evolve - let us look at the current system and what may happen when not using Coaches for your Players.

Common problem: ”My Player does not improve his skill level!”

As deteriorations were temporary disabled with the release of Training 2.0 we had to make adjustments for the training to keep it balanced. We didn’t want Players who should be deteriorating to significantly improve instead. The solution was to give these Players a small portion of training, maybe best described as ”limited training”.

We didn’t want to make this a dead end for Players and therefore it was carefully balanced, mainly towards Coaches but also skill level and the attribute the Player is training.

Those of you who have invested in good Coaches and analyzed the training data given, have hopefully seen that limited training can be turned around with the correct Coach.

Coaches in Training 2.0

How effective a Coach is today is determined by two factors. 1. Is the Coach better or worse than his trainee? 2. Is the Player trained by a top level Coach (skill level 10)?

If the Coach have a higher skill level than the Player, he will boost training more than if it was the other way around. A top level Coach gives the highest training boost.

Coaches in Training 2.1

We like the approach of having a higher training boost for all Coaches as long as they are more experienced than the Player in a skill. It gives everyone an interesting decision; Do you go for a top Coach straight away or do you go the route of hiring Coaches that are only slightly better than your Players? The first route takes less effort but is a lot more expensive. The second one is still effective, but leaves you with lots of spare Team Money in the end. Managers willing to go the extra mile in terms of effort are rewarded.

In Training 2.1 all Coaches are now more effective than before. When a Player passes the Coach’s skill level we will have a completely new way of determining how much boost the Coach will give. How well a Player trains now depends on the exact skill of the Coach. So a Coach with 6 in skill will always be more efficient than a Coach with 5 in skill. That's regardless of how good the Player is.

Top level Coaches (now skill level 8 and above) will still be the most effective in training your Players.

Release Plan

The new Coach system will be released Season 52/44.

Coming up next on Training; Version 2.2 - Deteriorations

Alongside the new Coach system we are progressing with Deteriorations. In a few days we will share a development update and the release plans.
2014-08-12, 15:00

New feature: Exchange Training Camp

As the science connected to Training improves, your Head of Sport Science has been traveling the world to ensure your Training Camps are up to date and today she has reported back to your Coaches.

Today she is happy to announce that with a small investment you can benefit from a new feature in the Training area; Exchange Training Camp. This premium feature allows you to exchange active Training Camps to any of the existing Training Camp offers.

With the advances learned, you are able to preselect a future Training Camp and exchange it for the currently available Training Camp, and send the selected Player there instead.

The Exchange Training Camp feature allows 4 exchanges in Football and 6 in Hockey and may be utilised once per Season. You will keep your exchanges untill they are used, but you cannot invest in more than one package per Season.

As an additional bonus you can now preview all the available Training Camps via the Exchange Training Camp drop downs. Head over to the training pages and have a look around!

Look out for more exciting Training news in the next few days, where your Head of Sports Science shares what she has learned about Training 2.1 and shares some welcome news about a delay in the start of Deterioration!
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