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27-11-2015 12:47   |   Season 56, Round 13, Day 46   |   Online: 3 404
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2015-11-25, 17:00

Teachers Tour! Earn €600K and +2 TC spots

The new generation will be created by teachers, and in ManagerZone our teachers are our Coaches, led by you, the Manager!

Your Chairman and Head of Training are excited to share an opportunity inspired by the many Teachers' Days that occur throughout the world.

Your Chairman wishes to support the development of your Club's Players by increasing the training opportunities they have. If you can raise the profile of your Club in the local and international arenas, your Chairman will increase the number of Training Camp places that are available on a Season by Season basis.

Successfully complete the Tour between the dates below, and your Club Chairman will offer a bonus of €600,000, and your Head of Training will be able to increase the number of concurrent Training Camp places from 10 to 12 throughout Season 57!

To secure these funds, you must complete either of the Tours listed below between 1000 CET, November 25th, 2015 and 1800 CET, December 13th, 2015.


Compete and play in 2 or more different FRIENDLY LEAGUE competitions. One match in each different competition must be played during the Tour dates AND the Friendly League must have been created after November 24th 00.01 CET, 2015.

Friendly Leagues joined through the new Friendly League Pools are considered normal Friendly Leagues and are valid for Tour #1.


Play 22 FRIENDLIES (11 home and 11 away)

You can accept and book Friendly matches from the Matches >> Friendlies page. You can also invite teams to a Friendly match from their profile page.


The additional Training Camp Places will be available between 1200 CET on Day 1 through to 1200 CET on Day 91 of Season 57. Players who start a Training Camp will be able to complete it as usual, even if it continues into the next Season.


There are no Loyal Players in this Tour.


If you have an active Youth Academy with 16 or more Youths on December 14th, 2015 the board will contribute an additional €100,000 towards their education and upkeep. You must also complete the Tour to qualify for this bonus.

Successfully complete the Tour between the dates above, and the rewards will be added to your Club balance on December 14th, 2015. Now more than ever your commitment to the cause can push your team to the next level!

Crew's decision is final.
The reference English news can be found here.
2015-11-18, 12:00

Facebook register and login

Login or Register via Facebook!

Facebook is a popular sign up route for new Managers joining ManagerZone and many Managers have signed up as a result of our recent Facebook campaigns.

To make it even easier for new Managers to sign up, or existing Managers to login via Facebook, we have added a couple of simple features to ManagerZone.

Register via Facebook

New users can register for ManagerZone by clicking on the Register With Facebook icon. During the simple registration flow they will have the opportunity to choose their unique ManagerZone user name.

Login via Facebook.

Existing Managers can link their Facebook and ManagerZone accounts.

1. Go to Office->Profile->Edit Profile
2. Click on the 'Link account to Facebook' link.
3. Log in to Facebook when prompted.
4. Once linked, you can use the Login with Facebook link to log in to ManagerZone.

You can un-link your accounts at any time.
We do not access or store your private Facebook data on our servers.
Facebook does not store your ManagerZone account or password.

You can continue to log in using the current system if you wish. The Facebook log in is a convenient method for those who wish to use it.
2015-11-13, 18:00

The first Legend League starts on Monday!

ManagerZone is full of legends and myths. Our legends include Managers, Teams and of course Players!

The most important part about the Legendary Teams and Players, is that they are created by you. Their stories are yours, their histories are yours. We might have created ManagerZone, but you create the legends!

We gave The Zone and our Community the opportunity to gather the most Legendary Legends ever to play ManagerZone. Many of our MZ countries stepped up and shared their great Legends! The first Legendary Friendly League will start on Monday, with Legends from nine different ManagerZone countries:

- Hungary
- Chile
- Australia
- Greece
- Romania
- France
- Italy
- Netherlands
- Argentina

We recommend you spend a few minutes reading up on the Player stories, gathered or created by our Assistants. You find all stories under the respective team’s ‘Word From the Owner’

Don’t let the age fool you!

The legends might be old but don’t let that fool you, they are still in their prime! Can your Team match Players like Octavian Lazar, Teófili Noti or Stefanos “Big Babol” Tsatsaronis?
Test your strength by challenging one (or all) of the Legend Teams!

Follow all the actions here. Reporters from The Zone will surely follow this League with great interest!

Your country does not yet have a Legend Team?

No problem, just contact one of your local Assistants or start a forum topic yourself to gather legends to represent your country! The Team will be created as soon as an Assistant shares it with Crew!
2015-11-10, 17:00

Last chance to join next Season of World League!

Teams all around the globe are preparing for the 8th Season of World League! The new World League Season starts next Monday (November 16th) and the signup closes this Thursday (Nov 12th 23:59:59 CET), are you up for the challenge?

Start fresh!

There is just enough time to join the next Season of World League! Don’t miss out on the fun, fast and super competitive League!

You have until November 12 (23:59 CET) to sign up for next Season's World League

It is the perfect place to find teams to compete with who are at a similar level to your own Club. Prove yourself as a Manager by joining The World League!

The signup page for the World League can be found under Matches >> World League >> Signup

Don't miss out!
2015-11-09, 17:00

Achievement boost and new team changes

Earn more via Achievements!

Your Chairman has been very impressed with how Achievements have helped new and established teams find out about different aspects of their Clubs and managing their teams.

Achievement Chain reward

In consultation with your Club Secretary they have agreed to double the Team Money you receive for completing Achievement Chains.

If you have already completed a chain, you will receive the rest of the team money reward before Monday 23rd November.

Starting teams

In a long overdue update, Players assigned to new teams, and via the Custom Youth Setup will have received suitable training for their ages. The majority of Players will be aged 19 and so have the opportunity to Train with their teams throughout their future careers.

This means new Managers will no longer spend the first few minutes after meeting their squad in tears of disappointment.

These Players are created using identical rules to all other Players in ManagerZone.

Start fresh?

If you have returned to the ManagerZone, or wish to start again from the very bottom, write to Support and Crew will contact you about receiving a new Team.
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