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Yesterday, 18:00

The World League is coming!

World League

This is a long post, so please take the time to read it carefully!

Building on the popularity of the Youth Leagues, one of the many secret projects we have been working on is the World League.

What is the World League?
This will be a full League that combines ALL the ManagerZone world into one competition. You will be able to compete in a Senior League exclusively against the best Clubs in the world.

Teams that join the Senior World League will earn team money and experience. Whilst the team money earnt will be much less than for the Senior League, it will help active managers to support the cost of training and developing their team.

There will be a World League for Football and Hockey, the existing Hockey Youth World League will be renamed to avoid confusion.

World League match days.
The World League is very different from the Senior and Youth Leagues. There will be THREE World League Seasons per regular Season and matches will be played every day.

The match times will vary from World League Season to World League Season, to spread out the matches across the different time zones.

We will add a World League and World League Schedule to the Match page of ManagerZone, and a new World League page will be created where you can sign up and see details about it.

How long is a World League Season?
A World League Season will last around 30 days, which includes the match days, promotions/relegation and signup period. The World League Seasons will NOT cross the regular Season boundary.

The World League is intended to provide a faster pace of League action for all participating Managers, as well as the opportunity to compete against international friends and rivals.

How do teams join the first World League?
Teams must earn their place in the World League by competing in the World League Qualification Cup. We will allocate the starting division in the World League based on the final position in the World League Qualification Cup. We won't fill the top division straight away, we want to start the World League from the fourth tier, so there will be a strong competition to reach the top tier over the next 3 seasons.

Teams that do not join the World League Qualification Cup and decide to join the World League later, will join at the lowest tier. Teams that are no longer active in the World League will be removed at the end of each World League Season, to ensure that the World League is active and competitive for everyone involved.

How will the World League Qualification Cup work?
All teams are invited to one Cup.

When will the invitations for the World League Qualification Cup open?
The World League Qualification Cup will begin accepting entries very soon!

How do teams join after the first season?
After the first season of World League, active teams will be promoted and relegated as normal. New teams will join in the lowest tier. The World League Qualification Cup is only used to qualify in the first season.

Other information.
The World League is a premium feature. Teams that join the World League Qualification Cup will be able to play for free during the first FOUR seasons of the World League.

The World League is a great addition to ManagerZone and offers the chance for the teams to compete in a League against friends and rivals from all over the world.

Cost to join the World League Qualification Cup
CM: 25 PT and free entry to the World League for FOUR World League seasons.
None CM: 40 PT and free entry to the World League for FOUR World League seasons.

Cost to join the World League:
1 World League Pass per World League season.
CM: 1 Pass costs 7PT
CM: 3 Passes cost 15PT
None CM: 1 Pass costs 14PT
None CM: 3 Passes cost 30PT

Form will be similar to the Youth Leagues, and team form will not be punished by competing in the World League.

The World League is a separate competition so cards will not affect other competitions.

When will they begin?
The World League will start in Season 54 for football and season 46 for Hockey. The first World League Season can begin after the World League Qualification Cup has completed. We expect the inaugural World League Season to be in May.

There will be a lot of questions in the community. It is important that everyone understand how the World League will work. If you are not sure, please ask! This is a fantastic update for ManagerZone and as with the start of the Youth Leagues ten Seasons ago, we are really, really excited!

If the format proves popular, we will consider expanding the World League format and adding other types, as we did with the Youth Leagues.

We'll continue to evolve the features of the World League, before and after launch, so keep following news as this design is not yet final.

Invitations for the World League Qualification Cup will begin soon, please take care when joining, as the cost is higher than a regular cup.

Yesterday, 11:00

Holiday Sale!

“"As a Holiday treat we are offering great discounts on a number of our favourite items and activities!

The player item store is open and everything is 2 Power Tokens or less!“"

The Hamsters love Cups and so do we! So to help out, we are reducing the cost to create or join Friendly Cups to just 3 Power Tokens!

To help more Legends join your team as Coaches, we are reducing the cost of converting retired Players to Coaches to just 2 Power Tokens! The link is here, on the Club House -> Squad -> Retired Players page.“"

The sale starts Friday December 19th at 1100 CET and ends on Tuesday January 6th at 1000 CET.

Happy Holidays and thank you for your support!

2014-12-18, 14:00

Youth League Anniversaries

“"“"How times flies when we are having fun!

The Youth Leagues have passed a great milestone, with the U18 and now the U21 Leagues both reaching (and passing) their 10th Season Anniversaries!

The Youth Leagues are one of the most requested updates and we are really happy that they are enjoyed by so many Managers.

When the U23 League reaches it's 10th Anniversary, we will invite all the active Youth Leagues participants to U18, U21 and U23 Youth League Anniversary Cups. We will also extend an invite to all of the founding Members for each of the Youth Leagues as well!


Look out for the invites and be sure to accept!

2014-12-12, 14:00

Notifications 1.9 - transfers and more

Your loyal Club Secretary has been visiting his league colleagues and they have agreed to share more information about the transfer activities in your League, as well as other helpful information about your Club.

Watched Players

Your Club Secretary will notify you if either a Player is transfer listed by a team in your Senior League, or if a Player in your shortlist is transfer listed.

Players and Staff

Your Club Secretary will notify you about the retirement and contract status of your Players and Staff.

Your Club Secretary will be happy to follow your instructions if you wish to opt in or out of these notifications. Let him know via the Office >> Notification Settings page.
2014-12-11, 13:00

Loyal Player Tour Payout!

Thank you to those who partook in the Loyal Player Tour!

Your Club Chairman is delighted at the great response from the Loyal Player Tour!

The Bonus cheques are signed and the teams who matched the criteria have received their Team money and/or Loyal Players from the Loyal Player Tour.

As ever, your Chairman urges you to invest the money wisely!
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