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05-05-2016 08:37   |   Season 58, Round 7, Day 24   |   Online: 3 672
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Yesterday, 15:00

Best of the best from Season 57

Season 57 has ended and Crew would like to take a moment and recognise some of the great Cup achievements from the previous Season.

Some of our Cup winners during Season 57

U21 Confederations Cup 2016Team Brazildiego0820Challenge DinGol Brazil
U21 European Championship 2016Team SwedentalanglosChallenge FC Garrincha
Champions Cup -S57ΞflagshipΞ钻BRO龙抬头nb222Challenge ΞflagshipΞ钻BRO龙抬头
Top Team Cup -S57El Coyote AsesinoernestogonzalezChallenge El Coyote Asesino
Cup Winners Cup -S57Dymarki WejherowodymusChallenge Dymarki Wejherowo
Endurance Cup - S57ITUMBIARA E.C.mtboliveiraChallenge ITUMBIARA E.C.
U18 Champions Cup -S57Black OnyxmiccaChallenge Black Onyx
U21 Champions Cup -S57U21 São Bento Sorocabaorcs57 Challenge U21 São Bento Sorocaba
U23 Champions Cup -S57⚽☆VaMpI®3 † DyNaStY★⚽birginiaChallenge ⚽☆VaMpI®3 † DyNaStY★⚽

Congratulations to everyone who made the most out of Season 57 and Good Luck in Season 58!
2016-04-29, 16:00

Write a guide and win money!

We are looking for game guides created by experienced Managers to help new members find reliable and passionately delivered suggestions on how to play the game.

Say you are a new to ManagerZone. You have grasped the basics of the game, you have set your tactics, decided on a training routine for your Players... and now what? How do you balance your economy? How do you develop a Youth team? And the most important question: how do you start winning matches? ManagerZone is a game blessed with a healthy portion of mysteries and legends. We love to debate the finer aspects of the game almost as much as we love playing it. But new Managers do not need speculation, they need useful, straightforward advice!

That is where you come in, fair Manager. If you have a keen sense of the game mechanics and a way with words, you can contribute. Write a strategy guide on a topic of your choice. The winning guides in each category will be rewarded as specified below and published to the site for new Managers to digest. A winning guide will also earn you a designated profile badge.

  • Youth Development Guide (£200 Amazon gift card)
  • Senior Training Guide (£100 Amazon gift card)
  • Youth League strategy Guide (£100 Amazon gift card)
  • Economy Guide (£200 Amazon gift card)
  • New Team Guide (£100 Amazon gift card)
  • Tactics guide (£200 Amazon gift card)
  • Transfer Market guide (£100 Amazon gift card)

The guides should be submitted in English, or Swedish, or Spanish. We can, to some extent, help you with language errors. We do ask that you go through your guide for factual errors and make sure the structure is easy to follow. You can use images to illustrate a point you are making, should you wish. The winning guides will be translated to popular ManagerZone languages.

In addition to being clear and factually correct, the guides should be fun to read! Facts stacked on top of facts quickly becomes a chore. If there is a sense of charm or wit about your guide, it will have a much greater chance of being among the published winners.

We acknowledge that there are a multitude of viable strategies to succeed in ManagerZone and we want the guide section to reflect that. We will choose the winner in each category, and if we find more than one guide that deserves to be published, we will have more than one winner per category. It is possible to submit and win in more than one category.

If you are interested in helping out, be sure to send your guide to us no later than May 15th 2016. At that point we will go through the contributions and decide which ones we like the best. When your Guide is ready, send it to: You must send it from your registered email address. If your guide is chosen for publication, you will receive the amount specified above through an Amazon E Gift Card. Our decision is final, if you do not agree, please do not send a guide.
2016-04-27, 10:00

The American Clan challenge

Join your friends in this exciting competition and win great prizes!

Only a limited number of clans can join so hurry up and sign up your clan!

For more information, please visit the dedicated Forum post here.

The Zone Argentina.
2016-04-19, 14:00

Season Break Tour - Payout

Thank you to those who partook in the Season Break Tour!

Your Club Chairman is delighted at the great response from the Season Break Tour!

The Bonus cheques are signed and the teams who matched the criteria have received their Team money and/or Loyal Players from the Season Break Tour.

The Academy bonus has been paid out to the Clubs that qualified.

As ever, your Club Chairman urges you to invest the money wisely.

Beta SIM Friendly League Pools refund!

Everyone who participated in the Beta Sim Friendly League Pools have now received a refund for up to two free Beta Sim Friendly Leagues! The feedback provided has helped improve SIM V2.40 and forms the starting list for the next iteration.
2016-04-18, 10:00

U18 World League matches delayed

The match officials in the new U18 World League have gone a little crazy and they are awarding walk overs for valid matches!

Crew are aware of the problem and all U18 World League matches will be rescheduled to after 1600 CEST today, including matches that have not yet played, so be sure to set your tactics 2 hours before their new scheduled time.

The new schedule will be available soon.

Thank you for your support.
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