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2015-01-30, 22:05

The Badge Championship - New round of voting!

This is a message from The Zone Chile, the organizers of this contest.

The original 600 badges has now been cut to 192, and it's time for you to cast another vote!

Go to the Chile Football Zone and vote

On pages 8, 9, 10 and 11 you'll find the groups, and you'll be able to cast your votes from the same pages.
2015-01-30, 17:00

ManagerZone Podcast - English version.

aikaik och josche, or aikaik and josche have been producing a Swedish language ManagerZone podcast enjoyed by the Swedish community for many years.

With regular guests including Thunderexpress, the Podcast is an informal chat across the internet (as aikaik is based in the US) discussing many different aspects of ManagerZone.

aikaik and josche have now produced their first English language version and were joined by patrick7777 to discus many of the questions posted in their podcast forums.

Settle down with a cup of tea, coffee, a beer or a glass of wine as the podcast lasts over 90 minutes and with no half time break for anyone!

You can find the podcast at this link:


The guys are very keen to continue to expand the Podcast, so try and take the time to listen!

Josche and aikaik always appreciate feedback so don’t forget to join the MZ Podcast Federation and discuss tonight's episode!

2015-01-29, 15:00

Best of the Best from Season 52

Season 52 has ended and Crew would like to take a moment and recognise some of the great Cup achievements from the previous Season.

European Cup 2014Team Turkeyblack_etolChallenge FC AnTePiA™
Confederations Cup 2014Team BrazilavillamexicanoChallenge México Eterno MZC
Champions Cup -S52Serenita F.C.ratm_12Challenge Serenita F.C.
Cup Winners Cup -S52U.C.MILÁNrolandinhoChallenge U.C.MILÁN
Sportsmanship Cup -S52Gothic Dream TeamxicogoticoChallenge Gothic Dream Team
U18 Champions Cup -S52ڪےƈѻᴙρɨѻй ڪےѻƙ∂ᴙ ڪےρѻᴙscorpion_emrChallenge ڪےƈѻᴙρɨѻй ڪےѻƙ∂ᴙ ڪےρѻᴙ
U21 Champions Cup -S52South Beach Gators FCsnabbacashChallenge South Beach Gators FC
U23 Champions Cup -S52PamperovincenttubiniChallenge Pampero

Congratulations to everyone who made the most out of Season 52 and Good Luck in Season 53!
2015-01-26, 10:00

Meet your new National Coach!

The NC elections have concluded and the new National Coaches have been appointed. Now carrying all the hopes and expectations of their home nation, each Coach must assemble their country’s best team and prepare for the highly contested National Team Cups that are ahead.

To view your nation’s election results, click here.

Countries without a National Coach will have another opportunity to vote at the start of next season, look out for local news nearer that time.

We wish all the new National Coaches the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing some fantastic international competitions!

2015-01-24, 11:00

Spotting value in the Player Market

The user hanhi recently asked this question in the English football forum: Do you ever buy players with the intention of only developing them into sale products? Do you buy players to use them (mainly) just as financial investments? What are your best investments, how much profit have you made with buying a single player and selling him ahead? Users like senile_old_men, navai, sirchesmiller, tosspot and many others have replied with their stories. Well worth reading!

Having an eye for a good bargain is one of the things that can make you succeed as Manager. Did you ever pick up a recent graduate, dirt cheap, because of alluring unmaxings that screamed "develop me!", and discovered that behind those 4's and 5's, a world class player was waiting to be unveiled? Or have you ever taken a punt on a player whose training history has not been shared, to find out that he's completely unmaxed? (Probably sold by a relatively new Manager who didn't realize the full value of the player.)

An ability to spot talent has always been important in ManagerZone. But these days you'll get more value out of this particular management task, if you're good at it. After season break in particular, many clubs get rid of unwanted talent, generating a huge pool of Youth players for you to gaze your eyes at. Because of this surplus of objects, relative to bidders, it's possible to get a good deal on a player. But really, this goes on for the entire duration of the season and you can always find bargains if you're prepared to spend the time. Lots of experience searching for players in the market is the key to evolving this skill.

In the "old days", training history wasn't displayed to anyone but the owner of a player and you never knew about maxings until after your purchase. That made the Transfer Market a place for wild punts, which generally drove down the prices. Those few lucky ones who got exactly what they were hoping for, got great value for money, just as often, however, Managers would walk away not sure they got exactly what they paid for.

Nowadays, as long as the seller have shared a players history, you know exactly what you get before buying. You can make extensive research into the players history, and figure out things like maxings, training speed, player talent (if he's been sent to Youth Camp, that is), original ball/puck count, and whether he's close to achieving his next skill balls/pucks. Prices are higher, but there's lots of room for savvy, hard working Managers to pick up talented players and either incorporate them into their own team, or sell them later with a profit.

And the various Youth Leagues and Cups ensure that you get maximum value for your player while he's still young, even if you cannot use him for your senior team.

Many Managers seem to be of the opinion that playing the Market is always a calculated risk, and can bite you as well as reward you. But we would argue there is money there to be gained for those who put down the effort. Good luck player hunting!
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