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2015-02-24, 12:00

World League signup page is open!

The signup page for the First World Leagues are open. You can sign up for the inaugural Season of the Senior World League!

The first World League Season will be named 54.1 in Football and 46.1 in Hockey. Three World League Seasons will run each regular Season.

The signup window closes at 2015-04-16 23:59:59 CET, make sure you don't miss out!

The signup page for the World League can be found under Matches >> World League >> Signup

The World League will start with a Senior version and at a later date we will add an U18 World League.

The outline schedule looks like this:

Season 54.1 Football and Season 46.1 Hockey
Match days Season Day 7 - 28
Mini Season break for 6 days.
Season 54.2 Football and Season 46.2 Hockey
Match days Season Day 35 - 56
Mini Season break for 6 days.
Season 54.3 Football and Season 46.3 Hockey
Match days Season Day 63 - 84
Mini Season break for 6 + 7 days as part of the regular Season Break.

We may need to change the schedule and we'll release news as needed.
During the Mini Season Break promotion and relegation will occur, Trophies and Prizes awarded and the new schedule will be published.

If you are participating in the World League Qualification Cup you will have received your World League Passes and you have been signed up for the inaugural Season of the World League!

If you are not in the Cup, you can still join the World League and sign up for the inaugural Season before the deadline.
2015-02-20, 17:00

World League Tour

Earn €250,000 and 2 Loyal Players OR €600,000 by organising a World League Tour for your Club!

Your Chairman is excited about the forthcoming World League and wants your Club to be involved! She has been following the World League Qualification Cup with great interest and is looking forward to the start of the World League, rumored to begin on April 20th, 2015!

In addition to the generous support of your Chairman, your Head of Youth Development will be able to bring up to two Loyal Players to your Club.

Successfully complete either of the Tours between the dates below, and your Club Chairman will offer a bonus of €250,000, and your Head of Youth Development will be able bring up to two Loyal Players to your Club OR you can receive a bonus of €600,000! In addition to the main bonus, Club Members will also receive a free World League Pass!

To secure these funds, you must complete either (or both) of the Tours listed below between 1000 CET, February 22nd, 2015 and 1800 CET, March 25th, 2015.


Compete and play in 2 or more different FRIENDLY LEAGUE competitions. One match in each different competition must be played during the Tour dates AND the Friendly League must have been created after February 20th 00.01 CET.

Friendly Leagues joined through the new Friendly League Pools are considered normal Friendly Leagues and are valid for Tour #1.


Play 40 FRIENDLIES (20 home and 20 away)


* If you took over your team after 2013-10-15 00:01, you can have up to 4 Loyal Players.

* If you took over your team before 2013-10-15 00:01, you can have up to 2 Loyal Players.

The Loyal Players will be Aged 22 and trained according to the existing Loyal Player setup, with no bias. Your Head of Youth Development will not hire a Goalkeeper, only outfield Players.

Loyal Players can be fired, but not sold.

If you already have too many Loyal Players in your Club when the bonus is delivered, you WILL NOT be able to receive these additional Loyal Players! You may choose to fire Loyal Players to make room for these if you wish.

Choose your reward!

Your Club Secretary is adding an option to allow you to state your individual preference for the Tour Bonus.

A bonus of €250,000, and your Head of Youth Development will be able bring up to two Loyal Players to your Club


A bonus of €600,000

You will be able to state your preference on the Tour Progress page, when they are added later next week.


As an extra thank you for completing the World League Tour and supporting your Club and ManagerZone, your Chairman will donate 1 FREE World League Pass to your team! You must be a Club Member when the rewards are issued to qualify for this bonus.


There is NO Academy Bonus in this Tour.

Successfully complete either of the Tours between the dates above, and the rewards will be added to your Club balance on April 2nd 2015. Now more than ever your commitment to the cause can push your team to the next level!

Crew's decision is final.
The reference English news can be found here.
2015-02-13, 18:45

U21 National Team Tournaments!

As you might have noticed, there are no less than three U21 National Team tournaments in full swing right now!

The 1st round of the group stages have been played in the U21 Confederations Cup and the U21 European Cup in Football, as well as in the qualification for the U21 World Cup in Hockey.

It is always both exciting and interesting to watch the best young Players from around the world face each other in the different environment that is the national team.

Who will be the next big star on club level, and in the Senior National Teams?

Another great aspect of the U21 National Tournaments is the unpredictability. A good generation of young Players can raise almost any country to become a medal contender!

All in all 58 matches were played in the first round of the three tournaments and we were treated to many well played matches, and a few surprising results.

In group 8 of the U21 European Football Championship, Ireland defeated Romania, a match where most people probably held Romania as the favourites. The deciding moment of the match came in the second half when Ireland was awarded a penalty and Romania got a player sent off for a "last man foul". Ireland's Ultan McStephen made no mistake from the spot and his team could go on and win the match 4 goals to 1.

In group 1 of the U21 Football Confederations Cup, Panama were facing Brazil, one of the tournament's medal candidates. Panama fought valiantly throughout the match and despite winning the shots with 21-3, Brazil only managed to score twice in a match that ended 2-1 to Brazil. In the end a shaken Brazil could still leave the pitch with the 3 points everyone had expected them to take.

Finally, in the U21 Hockey World Cup Qualification Israel managed to get a draw against a strong Portuguese team in group 8. Israel's goalkeeper Ogen Malco was literally bombarded with shots, but made 16 saves and was a strong factor in that the match ended 3-3.

The 2nd round of the three tournaments will be played on Saturday at 20:00 (CET). Don't miss out on the fun!

U21 Confederations Cup Football

U21 European Football Championship

U21 Hockey World Cup Qualification
2015-02-11, 22:30

The Badge Championship - Knockout!

This is a message from The Zone Chile, the organizers of this contest.

The original 600 badges has now been cut to 64, and it's time for you to cast another vote!

Go to the Chile Football Zone and vote

From now on the contest will consist of knockout rounds, one per week until there is only one badge remaining! You'll find a nifty calendar of the remaining rounds here
2015-02-11, 17:00

Are you Elite?

It is time for the Season 53 Elite Cups! The Elite Cups are played once every season and only the very best Managers and Teams from the season before are invited. The matches will be played on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, starting February 26.

Champions Cup
In the Champions Cup, the most prestigious of the Elite Cups, the winning Top Division Teams from all around the world compete with each other to determine who is truly the best of the best!
Follow the action.

Cup Winners Cup
In the Cup Winners Cup the champions from each country's Senior National Cup fight for the title as the best Cup-Team in the world!
Follow the action.

Top Teams Cup
In the Top Teams Cup the Teams that came in second and third in each nation's top league battle with each other in a competition of the highest quality!
Follow the action.

If a Manager wins all three different Elite Cups over the course of a career, they earn the distinction of the Triple Crown. This amazing feat has only been completed once in ManagerZone Football, by renowned Spanish Manager jose84ss.
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