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2016-10-20, 12:00

Manager of the Week: vanshika

Each week will be dedicated to a carefully selected Manager profile on our Facebook page. You will get personal reflections, tactical analysis and more related to the weekly Manager. With every new MOTW, apart from getting under their skin with our inquisitive questions, we will drill down into a specific aspect of the game. This week: vanshika.

Part 1 of the vanshika interview was posted yesterday, but we suggest you start from the intro article below. A link to the interview has been placed towards the bottom of the article. You will also find links to former MOTW's. Enjoy!

2016-10-18, 14:00

World League Match Highlights (round 2)

The 2nd round of the Football World League was played earlier today. Reigning champions Dymarki Wejherowo played Sαηgrε Azuɭ, while Sundens BK came up against Club 23.

But we are turning to southern Europe for our highlights video today. Two of the Clubs hoping to challenge for the World League title this season came face to face when Greek club INTERISTAS welcomed -ARD-Dark Energy from Romania to Tzouroudis Arena (match link).

Watch all the goals through the player below.

2016-10-17, 17:00

Instagram & Twitter Cup = WL passes

During the 'Fifteen Days of Fun' (Day 11 and Day 14), we invited everyone to an Official Instagram U21 Cup, as well as an Official Twitter U23 Cup. We also wanted to increase our followers on both Instagram and Twitter, and therefore offered free World League passes to everyone who participated in the Cup. The amount of new followers would determine the amount of World League passes given out.

As of today, we have gained about 750 new followers on Instagram, and about 500 new followers on Twitter!

This means that one World League pass has now been delivered to every participant in each Cup!

Thank you for following us on Social Media and good luck with the matches in the newly started World League Edition!
2016-10-15, 11:06

Highlights - U21 European Championship 2016

Watch the highlights from the exciting U21 European Championship 2016 in Hockey that was played a while ago: Switzerland vs Turkey!

2016-10-13, 15:00

First Round of 15th Anniversary U18 Cup Postponed

A new Season has finally started, and so have some Cups. As part of our 15th Anniversary celebration, we started a 15th Anniversary U18 Cup. The first Round was scheduled on Saturday, October 15th 03:00 CET, but to give each Manager sufficient time to receive new Youth Players and set up the tactics, we have decided to postpone the first Round with two days.

The new date for Round 1 is therefore: Monday, October 17th 03:00 CET

The rest of the rounds have not changed dates which means that Round 2 is played Tuesday, October 18th 03:00 CET, as scheduled before.

To see the complete Cup schedule, click on this link:
Match Schedule - 15th Anniversary U18 Cup

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this change may have caused.
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