22-10-2014 23:42   |   Season 52, Round 3, Day 9   |   Online: 5 449
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2014-10-19, 11:00

Final days to signup for Youth Leagues

There has been a late surge in signups for the Youth League and we have received many requests to extend the deadline.

We have therefore extended the signup deadline and the signup deadline for Season 52/44 of the Youth Leagues is now SUNDAY (2014-10-19 23:59:59 CEST)

You can get tickets and join from the Youth Leagues page. You can also set your default tactic there, ready for the first match.

1 ticket will give you entry to all the Youth Leagues (U18, U21, U23) for that sport, offering fantastic value.

You must buy your ticket and join the Youth Leagues you wish to play BEFORE THE DEADLINE.

U18, U21 and U23 League promotion, relegation and fixtures will be completed on Monday 20th. You can set your tactics in advance from the Youth Leagues page!

The Prize Money for Season 51/43 has been awarded today - congratulations or commiserations, depending on where you finished!

2014-10-17, 11:00

Squad Page v2.3: Squad numbers!

The Squad page continues to evolve and we have now released version 2.3. This release focuses on bug fixes but we also added a very nice update for the Squad number feature!

Content Squad page 2.3

Squad number tab
To improve efficiency, your Club Secretary now includes the Squad Numbers as a tab on your Squad page. You can apply the excellent new filters on the Squad number tab to help you arrange the Squad numbers. For example by Player age, tactics or, as the image displays, the chaos theory!

A dropdown with available numbers is added to help you find shirts that are available in your Squad. Once a number is selected, the Player will be automatically sorted by shirt number.

In addition to the Squad number update, we also made a number of fixes based on feedback from our fantastic Community. The fixes include:
  • The shortlist button works without problems in iOS 8 Safari
  • Everything fits in one line in the Squad summary, regardless of language selected
  • A visual fix in the Player Profile tab
  • A couple of minor updates with the ‘skiller’
2014-10-14, 14:00

Updated Transfer History page!

We start the new Season with a fresh update to the Transfer History page!

The Transfer History page has long served as a record of Players joining and leaving your team, with a few additional statistics available for our Club Members . Today's release focus on displaying the statistics in a much better way which makes it more interesting to view. The update not only benefit our existing Club Members, we are also sharing part of the detailed transfer statistics with all Managers! This release also addresses a few old bugs in the Transfer/Transfer History.

By heading over to the Transfer History screen you can browse the updates your Club Secretary has prepared for you;

  • 3 high quality charts for Club Members and 1 for Members.
  • The Season-by-Season overview has been extended to last 3 Seasons (Club Members only)
  • New Stat: Youth Survival Rate, check how well your Academy is performing Season-by-Season with an estimated Graduation Rate for your Academy! (Club Members only)

2014-10-13, 17:00

Last chance to qualify for Loyal Players and Tour

If you want to participate, then ensure you complete the Tour requirements of Friendly Leagues or Friendly Matches before the deadline on Sunday!

Uxx Friendly Leagues joined through the new Uxx Friendly League Pools are considered normal Uxx Friendly League Pools and are valid for Tour #1.

Earn at least €450,000 and 2 Loyal Players by organising a Season Break Tour for your Club!

Your Chairman and Head of Youth Development have been working hard to build relations with local teams to establish feeder clubs to develop Loyal Players for your Club. These plans are now coming to fruition!

Your Chairman asks that you further raise the profile of your Club by organising a Season Break Tour in order to attract more interest from feeder clubs.

In addition to the generous support of your Chairmen, your Head of Youth Development will be able bring two Loyal Players to your Club.

The full news can be found here!

2014-10-13, 16:00

Training 2.1 and Experience

A fresh Season is approaching and with it the eagerly anticipated Training 2.1 and Experience changes (Football only).

Tonight’s training will be the first with Training 2.1, including a new Coach System. With this update Coaches will be playing an even more important role in your Club’s training and if you do not already have Coaches, it is highly recommended that you hire some via the Staff screen.

Football Players will start to gain Experience at a faster rate. Historical age based Experience is updated, resulting in an Experience bump during tomorrow (Season day 1 of Season 52) for all Players.

Good luck for the new Season!
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